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What You Need to Know about Japanese-Style Bathroom


Japanese-style bathroom is one good idea for you who want something different for your bathroom. Japanese style is not only good to apply on your outfit but it’s also good for your bathroom style. If you want bathroom with different design that make you feel comfortable when you spending your time there, you can apply this style.

Bathroom is a very important space in your house. You can stay in a house without living room but you can’t stay in house without a bathroom. So, to make this important room look special let’s try to apply Japanese-style bathroom!

What You Need to Know about Japanese-Style Bathroom

But, what you need to do to have a Japanese-style bathroom? First of all, you need to know every important thing about this bathroom’s style. When you have knowledge about that, you will be able to apply this style for your own bathroom in your house. Here they are, thing you should know about Japanese-style bathroom.

Natural Touch

bathrooms with doors Shōji

One important thing you should know about Japanese-style bathroom is you have to put a natural touch. You have to create something peaceful and relaxing at your bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom makes you feel relax in the middle of nature.


You can put bamboo plants at the corner or at the other spot in your bathroom. Potted plants also can give a natural touch at your bathroom. But please make sure that the bamboo plants or another plant in the bathroom are placed properly.

 Good Lighting

bath japanese Style

Japanese-style bathroom really depends on the light. People feel relax when they feel a good lighting. The lighting is important because it’s also related with the natural touch or the plant you put in the bathroom.

Traditional Japanese-Style Bathroom With Soaking Tub

To get a natural and good lighting for your bathroom, place a window can be a solution. If you feel uncomfortable with that, than you can place the window in a right place so you still can take your time in the bathroom peacefully.

Neutral Shades

Japanese-Style Bathroom Neutral Shades

Color will be very important when you applying a theme for your room. If you choose the Japanese-style for your bathroom’s theme, then please apply neutral shades for your bathroom. Say big no to a bright color because it’s not suitable for this style.

Brown and light brown are the perfect color for your Japanese-style bathroom. This color will blend very well with the bamboo plants and the light. Don’t put too many color combination at your bathroom. Neutral and natural is the best combination for this theme.

Wood and Bamboo

Japanese-Style Bathroom Wood and Bamboo

Wood and bamboo will be a good combination to decorate your bathroom. You can place the bamboo as a divider. It’s not weird to put bamboo as a decoration in the bathroom if you want to apply Japanese-style as long as you put it in the right spot.

traditional bathrooms with doors Shōji

For the wood, you can use the wood as a towel rack or maybe you can put a wooden stool at your bathroom. The color of the wood can help you feel relax and fit very well with the theme.

Artistic Bathtub

Choose the right bathtub to create your own Japanese-style bathroom. Please choose an artistic bathtub that has a natural and simple design. The shape doesn’t really matter; you can choose the shape you like as long as you feel comfortable to use it.

Japanese-Style Bathroom Artistic Bathtub

You need to fit the color with the theme. It’s very important to keep the neutral shades of your bathroom, so you can choose the neutral color for the bathtub. White will be the best choice for your bathroom with Japanese-style.

Bathroom is a place where you can relax and thinking about so many things in your life. Ini another side, for some people bathroom also a place where they can get some inspirations. Because of that, this Japanese-style bathroom will be a very good concept for you to relax in your own home.

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