Ways to Create Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home

Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
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To make our home comfort, we should take our home care. It can be done by cleaning it every day, decorate it routinely, redesign it, and also adding the green sense of the home. The Vertical Garden Home is the one way to give green sense home.

 Nowadays, the green home is being the up-to-date home that is chosen to face the extreme weather. Green means natural. Green means calm. Green is also making our think fresher. We will feel fresh and happy to get home after doing the busy activities from morning to evening. Then to get the green home, we can apply Vertical Garden Home.

Create Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
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This Vertical Garden Home is the best alternative to make the minimalist home with limited area to be comfortable and fresh. We will like living in the village, because the cold air come inside of our home. Appropriate with the name of this garden, the vertical garden is designed vertically.

So we do not do planting in the ground, but also we make the vertical area in the outside home wall as the planting media. We can use ground media or other planting media. This garden will not need the more area.

There are Vertical Garden Home ways that will inspire us:

Choose appropriate theme

Create Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
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This is the one of the vertical garden model that is very practice. We can plant some flower or green plant on the wall. Some themes that can be applied for this Vertical Garden Home are traditional, classic, tropical, and also modern. Those themes are based on the plant type. Like the theme above, it is the example of classical theme of vertical home, because it uses the green grass.

Use plastic pocket


Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
Image : tlat

The use of the plastic pocket is for taking the wall care from the garden we made. This plastic pocket wills also avoiding the root of the plant to go to the wall. So the root will be neat inside of the plastic pocket.

Not only will that, the plastic pocket also as the decoration of the vertical garden. We can choose so many color of the pocket. It can be white, or black, depend on the wall paint. If the wall paint is black, so we use white pocket, and vice versa.

Choose the appropriate wall


Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
Image : dailytelegraph

For having the Vertical Garden Home, we should prepare the wall that we can use. The best characteristics of the appropriate wall are the walls that get the enough sunshine. Although it is the terrace wall, we can use it’s the place of vertical garden. But we should take it care, so that the plant is always fresh and clean and do not make the home dirty.

Choosing best plant frame

Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
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The best Vertical Garden Home should be match with the frame we make. It is because the vertical garden needs the considered setting. They are is limited, so we should make sure that the frame is ready to be used with the chosen plant we had already planted. Make it as neat as possible, so that the artistic sense will be gotten.

 Create Good drainage system for Vertical Garden Home

Vertical Garden for Our Lovely Home
Image : pinme

This is the one of the main ways that we should create. It is because the plant needs water to support its growth. So we can be watering your vertical garden in every day. Besides, for giving the enough water, we can make the drainage tools by using some transparent bottle. It is as the place of the plant and also the place of the water.

There are many benefits that we can get from this Vertical Garden Home. The master solute for have green minimalist home. There will no reason about the minimalist area to be the garden, or there is no reason that we don’t have space to plant. Outside wall of our home can be the right place.



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