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Various Design of Minimalist Home


A nice home is not a glamour home, but it us the category of a comfortable home. Whatever the style of the home, but if it is comfortable that does will be nice place for living. For example; home with minimalist home design. It is the usual home now. The new home designs that are exist to be the best home choice in this modern era.

 Before the minimalist home appeared, there are many kinds of home design. It is from traditional home, classic home, and many more. Those kinds of the home design are the thematic design while for this minimalist home; it is the universal design and also the dynamic design. Minimalist home can be designed and decorated by all themes. But the principal is still using simple home.

Various Design of Minimalist Home
Image : pinterest

In this modern era, the land for being used to be built a home is not wide like before. The area is in this modern era is very narrow, but we still need a home. So we use the narrow area maximally. So that there are many kinds of modern home design that can close the narrow area.

The minimalist home is being the favorite home in this modern era. The size is small, not like the usual home. So the number of the room is also limited, not as much as the room sin the traditional home.

Based on the development of era, the physical performance of minimalist home is small. But actually there are various themes that we can use, like:

Simple minimalist home type 60

Various Design of Minimalist Home

This minimalist home model is like the best minimalist home. It is unique, because the minimalist home is the mini home. But this home style is still looking wider. It is the newest style of minimalist home.

We can see from the minimalist home design above, we can use the young color for the interior and exterior home design. There is no over exterior decorations we need because this home have already had the complete design.

European Minimalist Home Design

Various Design of Minimalist Home

When we are hearing the European design, we will automatically think about the classic theme. Like this picture:

Various Design of Minimalist Home

White is being the dominant color if this minimalist home. The special design of this model, we can do more combination design for the roof.

Natural stone theme of minimalist home

Various Design of Minimalist Home

Combination of natural stone is applied for the first floor. It is because the natural stone touching is appropriate for a minimalist two-storey home.

Various Design of Minimalist Home
image : freshome

The use of this natural stone is only for the external wall. So the exterior sense is greater.

Minimalist home with canopy touching

Various Design of Minimalist Home

The use of canopy in this minimalist home is also similar with the main function of the canopy. It is for the additional roof. The location of this canopy is in front of the home.

But there is the difference between the usual canopies with this minimalist canopy. It is for the mode of the canopy.

Minimalist canopy has many styles; it is depended on the theme of our home. So there is the additional function of this minimalist canopy, it is for decorate their home so that our home will be nicer.

Canopy in this minimalist home design is for the roof of the car or our other vehicles.

Dark Monochrome theme of minimalist home

 Various Design of Minimalist Home

The dominant color of this home is young grey, old grey, and also white. Those three colors are a united color. We can’t use it separately to make the monochrome sense of the minimalist home.

Geometry them of three-storey home

Various Design of Minimalist Home

Although this home have three floors, but the home still using the minimalist theme. Every floor has balcony, so we can enjoy the surrounding view.

We are free to modify the minimalist home designs that are appropriate for our modern home. The modification can be from the color, the decoration, type of the home, and also the design. Make sure that we have already been choosing the beat minimalist home for our lovely minimalist home.


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