United Living Room and Minimalist Dining Room Design

Nowadays open-plan interior is very popular among homeowners. It is because open-plan allows homeowner to enlarge the space while creating a comfortable zone to communicate as well as to have fun. If you are not ready to create a whole open-plan interior, you can try to unite your living room and dining room first. Read this following information and get inspired.

Tips to Unite Living Room and Dining Room

If you like to try uniting your living room and dining room, here are a few tips do it right.

Determine the size of each room

Even though you will make it in the same space without wall as boundary, it does not mean that you do not determine the size for each zone. At this point, you need to divide the space into two and define how much you need for the living room and for the dining room.

In case you are someone who loves to invite your relatives and friends to have a dinner together, you can consider making the dining room area bigger.

Think about the binding elements

Think of one color scheme when you are trying to unite both of the room. Make sure that you create gentle and smooth transition between the two areas. Moreover, your decoration style is better to be the same as well. For the furniture, you need to choose it accordingly too.

Choose functionality

When it comes to open-plan interior, consider about functionality is highly important. You need to have all appliances that are functional. For instance, you can go on with multi-level lights which will be useful to make you no need to provide too much light in the living room area.

Design Ideas to Unite Living Room and Dining Room

Then, if you need a real example and idea to get you inspired? Here are some of the best ideas for uniting living room and dining room in your home.

Not much décor open space

Working on minimalist style without too much décor is a great idea especially if you want to apply open space for your living room and dining room. At this point, to make sparks in your area, you can simply use the power of glossy, flawless floor to create sophisticated and elegant look in your open space area.

  • Use part of wall as dining table

Instead of uniting living room and dining room only, this idea lets you to join your living room, kitchen and dining area in the same space. In this case, you can use a part of the wall between living room area and kitchen as a dining table. Besides being a nice place for dining area, you can turn it into a kitchen island as well when needed.

  • Mix and match furniture

When you are designing your united living room and dining room, mix and match fixtures as well as furniture which come in various textures will be a good idea. Your living room and dining room can be side by side, but the furniture and fixtures can be in different textures although it is still in the same style.

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