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Unique Wood Stair Designs


The use of stair is for two-storey house. This stair is being the alternative ways to get the second floor. So, from the first floor, we can pass this stair. Usually this stair is in the model of the two-storey house. There are many models of this stair that we see now. The one of the design is about the theme of wood stair design.

 Whatever the material used for the stair, we can use it maximally. But we should match it well with the theme of the two-storey house design. We can sue steel stair, wood stair, iron stair, and others. The one of the material that is used for stair in our two-storey house is by using wood. Usually the iron stair is for the stair on the public place.

This wood stair chose by many people, because the sense of using this wood is natural. So the stair will give natural sense toward our interior design.

Belows are some kinds of wood stair design nowadays:

Rotated stair design


Unique Wood Stair Designs
Image : dornob

The style of this stair is like spiral style. This stair so unique if we use it for our lovely two-storey house. The classical sense spread from the stairs. We can place it is the living room or family room. It hasn’t big size, and look like a tornado wind. Our interior design will be more beautiful with using this stair model. For making it more matches with our interior design, we can use white, grey, or cream floor.

Floating stair model

Unique Wood Stair Designs
Image : betterlivingthroughdesign

The style if this wood stair design is the usual model of minimalist stair today. We don’t use holder when we want to go upstairs. It is because there is iron holder in this stair models and also there no connector between the stairs we are stepping on. So we should be careful when use it.

The sense of this stair model is so classic and simple. We use the cream color of the stairs and match it with white wall. Then, the rotated stairs can be packed in the middle of the room, but this floating stairs can be placed in the edge of the room.

Wood-iron stair combination


Unique Wood Stair Designs
Image : freshome

We use wood for the stairs we are stepping and use iron for the holder. The color of the iron can be varied, we can use white, brown, gray, and others. While for the stairs, we can use the natural color of the wood.

By using this stair design, our stars will be looked strong and so great. It is also safe for children. We won’t be worried when our children are doing up and down stair.

Railing wood stairs design


Unique Wood Stair Designs

Modern wood stair design will be gotten when we use this stairs model. The railing used aims to give the large stairs and also wider area of our room. The railing is also made from iron, but the size is bigger.

Iron pipe of wood stair design


Unique Wood Stair Designs
Image : zillow

The railing of the stairs is also using iron, but the form of the iron is like pipe. It will be the smooth touch when we are touching it up when we are walking upstairs and downstairs.

The best function of this stairs is to make the narrower room to be the wide room. For the safety function, this stair model is recommended.

Glasses stair design


Unique Wood Stair Designs
Image : adelto

It is so nice wood stair design. The glasses dominated toward this stairs. We still use wood for the stairs and for the railing are full of glasses. The room will be larger because of this glasses design. Long duration will be gotten if we chose this stair design. There won’t be broken in the short time.

The combination of iron, glasses, and also wood can make great wood stair design. Especially for minimalist home, we are recommended to use the combination of wood stairs and glasses railing.



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