Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock

Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock

Time shows an event. We do activities in every second, so we need the certain time we do the activities as the important note. We can note the certain time for being our privacy note or privacy schedule in our diary book or aims to tell others. Because of it, there are many kinds of unique wall clock designs that we can have.

 Related to the time, we always think about a clock. A things that is very important to give us information about time. It is being the ancient things from long times ago. Many people always use it and as the roof, in every home there is a clock. One clock or more than one clock is possible.

 There are many kinds of clock we can use, they are wall clock, table clock, alarm clock, hand phone clock, hand clock or we can call it also as a watch, and many more. Those kinds of clocks are used in the different locations. The wall clock is the one kinds of clock as the oldest kinds of clock. It is used as the first clock kinds before watch, alarm clock, and also table clock are released.

There are many kinds of wall clock that are existed now. because of that we can match it with the design of the room. Here some kinds of unique wall clocks that we can use:

Coat hanger design of wall clock

Unique theme of home decorations is being the best choice now. We can use it for beautifying our room, especially the use of this wall clock.

Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : novinky

The theme of the wall clock above is the functions theme. It is because the way clock is not only as a clock, but also for other functions. Like the picture above, that wall clock is for hanging a coat. The form of the wall clock is round with a tail in the bottom of the wall clock to hang the coat. We can have the practice wall clock. Watching the time and also use it as a hunger.

Shelf design of wall clock


Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : fresher

This unique wall clock is also the most modern wall clock, because we can use the wall clock also for the shelf. We can see from the picture above, the wall clock is on the top of the book shelf. The form of the shelf is sharp on the top. It looks classic and also etiquette wall clock.

Bird song design of wall lock


Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : jsonline

We have already known about this clock design. In every hour, there will be a bird doll or bird statue or bird toys come out. It will show a certain time, when it is 3 pm, 2 am, etc.  The design of this board wall clock is colorful and so cute. We can place it in the bedroom wall or in the family room wall.

Stationary wall clock


Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : archzine

The best characteristics of this unique wall clock can be seen from the way to place or the way to hang the wall clock. Usually the wall clock will be placed facedly, but this wall clock is placed lefty or righty. The main material used for this wall clock is fully wood. The form of this wall clock is square.

Sushi wall clock

Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : spoonuniversity

It is very unique wall clock. The theme is Japanese food that we have already known. Sushi themes give very unique sense for the wall clock. We have almost not known about this theme.

Oversized Clock

Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : pinterest

For giving more satisfied use of the wall clock, we can use the big design of wall clock. This big design of wall clock can be also being the one of unique wall clocks theme. This wall clock use wood material, from the range and also from the clock number. We can place it in the living room. The sense will be more classical.

Aquarium Clock Theme

Unique Designs of Minimalist Wall Clock
Image : ideadesigncasa

There are so many themes of wall clock. The one is unique wall clock. We can use aquarium theme. The clock used in the top of the aquarium. This aquarium is still used for keeping fish. So we have colorful fish and also can use the great wall clock.

The main concept if this unique wall clock uses the functional wall clock. We are still having wall. Clock and also can use the wall clock as the different functions.



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