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Unique Bathroom Interior Design Ideas for Relaxation


If you are confused to select which one the best among bathroom interior design ideas, you can select which bathroom designs inspire you and suit the best with your needs.

Bathroom design with geometric touch

Playing with neutral shades sometimes can be very interesting. Black and white for example is not always represents something boring. For instance, you can change the opinion of dark of black into something luxurious. You can try to use this colours combination with other themes such as geometric.

Bathroom design with floor geometric

If you use white as dominant colour in the bathroom for example, you can add luxury touch through modern clawfoot tub and shower area made from marble stones. Besides, the geometric theme can be applied on the floor, picture frame, walls patterns, as well as mirrors.

Bathroom design with geometric black and white

More light in small bathroom

Coping with small bathroom might provide its own challenges. However, it should not be a problem if you know the trick on how to solve it. The key to every small space including bathroom is by providing more skylight. This will make narrow bathroom feels lighter and more spacious. So, you can try various kinds of things to make more natural light enter the room.

skylight in small bathroom

Furniture perhaps can affect the present of light in the room but if you want to improve the personality of it, you can try to use several unique accessories. Since lighting is important not only for comfort but also decoration, you can add lighting fixtures next to mirror and other dims beneath the bath to give rich of mood. Because the lightings are used in the bathroom, make sure to consider their safe rating for wet areas.

small bathroom led lamp

Pink bathroom

There are also bathroom interior design ideas for you want to emphasize more feminine look such as by using pink colour. To get dominant pink colour, you should not always to paint the bathroom wall using pink. However, you can take benefit of wallpaper with dominantly pink patterns. For example, you can choose wallpaper with big pink flower patterns.

Pink bathroom more feminine look

Try to combine this wallpaper with vintage brass console to accompany the faucet fixtures. To give different look from common bathrooms, you can use custom backsplash as well as counter which made from granite. It is not only the simple way to bring natural look inside the bathroom but granite is durable in use.

bathroom with the lights Pink

Bathroom with tile cover

There are a lot of inspirations that can be applied in the bathroom. Let us just take an example of using the Pacific theme in this room. Pacific is closely associated with ocean with its blue water and soothing atmosphere. Hence, you can try to use the colour of sea into the bathroom. Instead of using clawfoot tube, you can cover the tub using teal tiles. This will create different look from other tiles in common.

bathroom colour tiles white tiled shower

By applying teal tiles into adjacent tub, it creates a feeling that you dip into an ocean when you enter in. For the rest, you can try to use colour combinations that represent the Pacific theme. Aside from blue, brown, grey, and white are other colours that match well with Pacificbathroom interior design ideas.

grey bathroom tiles

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