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The Most Effective Ways to Arrange Small Dining Room


Dining room is a space in the house that should be your top priority. Same as the kitchen, you need to focus on the arrangement of this room. With creativity, you can arrange small dining room with the proper decoration, so everyone in the house will enjoy seating and eating together there. Now, the question is how to do it? Some tips below will help you to arrange small dining room.

Some Points to Note on How to Arrange Small Dining Room Properly

Consider the scale of your room

Since your dining room has a limited space, considering the scale should be on your number one list to arrange small dining room effectively. The scale here will determine which furniture you have to buy later. Use comparison if you find it difficult to measure. Then, just compare the space with other rooms in the house. As alternative, you can compare it with any medium-sized dining room in the friends’ house. Make it as your reference in decorating the room.

Use neutral colors

Don’t use too much color combination because it will create a “crowded and stuffy” atmosphere. A limited color palette is your new best friend here. Some light and neutral colors will make the entire room look airier and spacious. In this case, white, silver, and light grey will do the play.

Hang the mirrors

Mirrors have been well-known for their function to create a fake yet positive impression of roomy space. Having a mirror in dining room will trick your mind that can be a window. The reflection it makes also helps the lighting in your small room. Moreover, if you have a real window, it is better to put the mirror across it, so the coming light will be reflected to the entire room.

Choose the perfect dining table

This is an important point for this project. Well, dining table is the main attraction when it comes to arrange small dining room. You have to know that the different size and shape of table is for a different function. In this case, round dining table is the popular one to be put in small room. It saves the spaces. Moreover, you can always have the extension leaf anytime and just simply fold it again after using it. Round table works well with square room.

Pick armless chairs

The arm chairs, whether you realize or not, require more room. It also makes people cannot move freely. Regarding to this, choose smaller and slender chairs which do not require much space and still have the function done right. Remember that your main intention is to show as many spaces as possible.

Hang simple chandelier

Do you like hanging lamp? Yes, it surely gives more aesthetic value in the room. Just because it is only additional tip to arrange small dining room, it does not mean you cannot have one. Emphasize the simplicity by using a small chandelier. Pick one that seems simple yet stunning. A chandelier in dining room, especially with dim light effect, can create a romantic atmosphere that never crosses your mind before. In addition, chandelier in ceiling has a role in making your space appear larger as well.

Well, all the points above are some genius tricks that you can try at home. Furthermore, add some decorations or ornaments to create your own unique style. If you live with someone else or in a big family, you might want to ask for their opinion before making a decision. All the tips above should answer your curiosity on how to arrange small dining room effectively.

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