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The Design Idea of Unique Dining Room Lamp


There are many kinds of lamps that we have already known. Various model, design, colors, and also size. Those lamps are for different use, for example the studying lamp, dining room lamp, highways lamp, bedroom lamp, table lamp, and many more. Every lamp has the characteristic and model, so that we can mix and match with the place.

Dining room lamp also has its characteristic; so that its appropriate to be placed in the dining room. At first, the lamp for dining room us likes the usual lamp. The most important thing is that the lamp should be in the high brightness so our dinner will be comfortable.

Now, there are various dining room lamps that we can use. It is not only monotone lamps, but also colorful and also unique. Even the lamps that we usually see in the other place, like in the bar, disco tic, dance floor, will be appropriate for our dining room lamps. Here are they:

Round lamp

This lamp design is like the disco tic lamp. Full of white diamond and will be moved roundly. With purple and white dining room design, this lamp is so great and makes glamour sense. It is very appropriate to be the place of dinner time with all of family member.

Long lamp model

The lamp models for dining room today are the lamp that designed for minimalist dining room. Bbeside round shape, there is also long shaped, like the picture above. There are some long lamps hanging on the top of the dining room ceiling enough shine of this dining room lamp will make dining room so lightly. It won’t give covered light. Elegant and enjoy dining room will be speeded well.

Bowl lamp design

At first sight, the model of this lamp will like studying lamp. There is a bowl shape for the cover of the lamp. This bowl color is dark, so that lamps will focus on giving enough lighting toward the dining room table. Simplicity of this dining room lamp makes our dining room greater and also more modern.

Rectangular lamp design

The performance of the lamp will be like the big ice stone. It has white color and looks very heavy. Then we use the original wood chair and also white part for the surface of the dining chair. Those combinations will give perfect sense and also comfortable. In addition in one part of the dining table, we use a long bench to make the harm dining room.

Large rounding lamp

As e seen from the picture above, the lamp is very large. It covers all the part of dining table. The use of menu place on the table will make our stomach can’t be silent. We will go for food in hurry.

Clasical lamp

We like to see this lamp design. For being placed in the classic home. It is for giving the naturalist of classic sense. Usually this lamp is placed on the living room. In fact, this lamp model is appropriate to be the lamp of dining room. There are many lamps in one place.

Traditional lamp

This lamp style is being the one of the traditional lamp, because this lamp consists of some neon or small lamp that has yellow light. We have already been used it from long time ago. Now, the neon can be placed as dining room lamp with the regular set of much neon. We can use red cable to give the modern accent. The whole sense of this dining room lamp will be like Tionghoa themed, because red is being dominant lamp.

Volcadote lamp

If we say about volcadote, we will think about two colors combination. They are white and black. The spreader result of this lamp is also white and black, but actually the white is from the lamp. So the cover of the lamp is only using black material. Then we give hole in elios form, so it gives the delicate lighting on the wall.

Those dining room lamps are the idea for having modern lamps. So that we will be comfortable and also our good mood for meal, lunch, and dinner will be increased.

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