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Television Shelf Design for Living Room


Every home has a television, even more than one television. As the oldest electronics tools, television has so many function. It can serve information from voices and also pictures. The information of pictures is gotten from the result of the recording or shooting and also from the animation record if it is cartoon. Because of it, we need new television shelf design to make the television performance always newer.

The use of television is very long duration. It can be ten years or more. Furthermore the television is their oldest version, it won’t be broken easily. We can prove that the oldest television version has never been in serious service. It might need new IC or some easy service problem. For the machine it is guaranteed. Cylinder television is the one of the oldest television. While at this modern era, flat television is the newest model of television.

Whatever the new of the old television we have, we need Good television shelf design. It will make our television in the comfortable place, safe from the children, and also make the television nicer. The new model of the television shelf will give the modern sense for our old television.

The use of the television shelf has already been happened since long time. But for now, the models are various based on our needed. Like the television shelf designs above:

Wood television shelf

It is like the television shelf that we usually use. Which made from wood, because actually the television shelf is made from a table. But it is not like usual table. The size is larger because the television type is flat and long television.

The position of this shelf is designed well. We can design it in one pointed wall by adding the similar paint like wood color. Then beside of the shelf, we use wood cupboard.

White minimalist television shelf

It is minimalist small of television shelf. The dominant color is white and it will be like large shelf. We can place many decorations in the surrounding of the shelf, even we can save some luggage because in the edge of the shelf, there is mini cupboard that is inside of the shelf.

Television position in this television shelf design is not on the top of the table, but also hanging on the shelf. It is so modern and the big size of shelf doesn’t make the room narrower.

Book shelf style

The size of this television shelf is really close with the size of book shelf. The based material is from wood. There are some rooms of the shelf beside the main room on the middle of the shelf as the television room.

In the bottom of television room, we can place DVD Player also. There aren’t doors of each room because the main concept of this shelf is really shelf.

Hanging television shelf

This television shelf design is not like a table or a shelf with some rooms inside, but this design show about the hanging shelf model. The television will be placed on the surface of a piece of wood. So, only two pieces of wood as the floor of the shelf. We only can place the television, without many decorations. For making it cuter, we can hang some pictures beside of the television shelf.

Glasses table theme

Glasses are also appropriate for being the surface of this television. But there are some parts inside of the surface of the television shelf that we can use for placing some DVD, cassette, or others. White paint of the table with glasses surface makes this television shelf looks simpler and also better.

Actually the concept of the television shelf design is from table. It is like the usual design of the television shelf. But based on the development era, we add some part in its surrounding for the decoration places to make the television performance more beautiful.

To choose the television shelf design, we should make sure that the living room theme is appropriate and also match with the design of the television shelf. Don’t choose the bigger shelf, because it will make the living room narrower. Make the living room comfortable, so that the guess will be satisfied.

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