Television Shelf Design for Bedroom

Television is being the best electronic that we have already had. Television is being most familiar electronic than the other electronic, like hand phone, computer, and others. It was appeared as the one direction communication electronic beside radio. While radio serve voiced information, while television serves picture and also voice, so we will get accurate […]

Tips to Decorate Minimalist TV Room

How will you describe a minimalist living room? You may describe it as mostly white interior stuffed with contemporary furniture and perhaps featuring one piece of artwork hanging on the walls. If you think so, it seems like you are not the only one at this case. That is frequent picture of minimalist room. Even […]

Television Shelf Design for Living Room

Every home has a television, even more than one television. As the oldest electronics tools, television has so many function. It can serve information from voices and also pictures. The information of pictures is gotten from the result of the recording or shooting and also from the animation record if it is cartoon. Because of […]