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Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom


Girls’ world is colorful. It is like the children world. All of their accessories are full color, different with boys that should choose the neutral color. The girls bedroom design is the main girls want action that is always be focused for getting the beautiful design .

Identical colors of the girls are red, pink, white, soft pink, violet, and others. Pink and its sub color are the most favorite color of girls. The girls like to collect pink luggage, like pink doll, pink accessories, pink decoration, pink furniture and pink room design. They use the pink room as the main place to collect all of girls’ collection.

Girl’s bedrooms are the private place. They will do all of their activities in their bedroom. Sleeping, working, listening music, reading, writing, and many more can be done in a room. The comfortable bedroom will be the one of their focus in order to have comfortable bedroom. So they have their own bedroom theme that has the special characteristic.

Here are some examples of girl’s bedroom designs:

Orange design

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

This design use orange color as the dominant color. But it is not using full orange toward the whole bedroom. There are some combination colors that we can use, like in this case is using pink, and grey. The combination of pink, grey, and orange makes the beautiful bedroom design.

The pink color is still used, because this feminine color is very dynamic to be applied with the other color. The blue and the orange spread the minimalist bedroom. In that picture, the setting of the bedroom is very neat. We can see the orange color became the dominant color. It is used for the wall point. Besides, the inside wall use the grey color.

Flower design

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

The girl’s favorite things is not only related to the pink color or the smooth color, but also related to a flower. Girls like flower much. They will be happy if they get flower, because flower can say many kinds of feeling. It might be for the feel if live, care, beautiful, peaceful, and many more. So the girls will ask use the flower as the main design for their bedroom.

For example, the girls can sue the flower motif for their blanket. While for the wall is still using the white paint to give the main point for the flowers theme.

Classic polka dot design

The classic theme of this bedroom design is seen from the bed architecture. The bed is not like the usual bed. It uses some lockers in the edge of the bed. It is like small cupboard. We can use it for saving shoes, some clothes, and other. Besides, in the top if the cupboard, we can place some flowers as the decoration.

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

This girl’s bedroom design is unique, because the white bed combined with polka dot blanket. It shows the comfortable bedroom because we can watch television from the table inside of the bed.

Horse theme

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

The application for this theme toward girl’s bedroom is by using the horse wallpaper. The horse is in black color and the wallpaper size is in the big size so it will give the dominant sense of the bedroom decoration.

Then for the bed, we use polka dot bed cover, but the blanket use colorful line. It is the variation color of this girl’s bedroom design become sweeter with some simple and colorful decoration.

Blue design

Although many girls dominantly likes pink color, but they are still like the other color. The one of it is blue color. This color is also smooth, because the type of the blue is the young blue. We can combine it with white color, so the feminine sense of the girl’s bedroom is still serenade well. The additional pink pillow and pink bed lamp and also the wallpaper sticker will be also appropriate.

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

Violet design

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

Violet is also the color of girls. This is the favorite color of some girls who have the mysterious characters. But this violet still spread the comfortable sense if we apply it as the dominant color of our bedroom. We can add the white color also to give the best combination for our bedroom.

Glamor Violet Girls Bedroom

Some Modern Design for Girls Bedroom

This girl’s bedroom design is also using the violet color domination, but the violet kind is dark violet. It makes the bedroom looks glamour, with some combination of young violet also. This young violet will be like dark pink and so matching with the violet color. When night, the glamour sense of this bedroom design will be more beautiful.

Girls like the combination color for their bedroom. It is prove that the girl’s bedroom design is related with colorful theme. The violet, pink, white, grey, blue, are being the color choice today.


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