Smart Tips for a Neat Car Garage

Garage is the one part of a home. Every home has this room. It is used for parking or saving car, as a common use. But if we don’t have a car, the garage’s function is to save our bicycle or motorcycle. For parking our car in the garage, we should keep a Neat Car Garage so that the car will be looked like in Neat Park.

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The location of the car garage is in the front of our home. But it is also built in line with terrace. A garage is same as the other rooms in our home. It has the similar size with the usual room. It might be in 3×3 meters or other. The size will be depended on the car’s size.

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The difference between the garage and the other room are the function. It is real, because garage is for car’s room and other room is based on the function, like kitchen for cooking, bedroom for sleeping, and other.

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But there is also the other difference between garage and other room. It is about the room design and the setting of the inside. We can call about the interior design of the garage and the other room is different. The category of a Neat Car Garage is different with a neat living room, and others.

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A neat garage doesn’t need many decorations inside. But a neat living room needs some decoration for making it neater and good looking. It doesn’t mean that garage doesn’t need good lookings sense. It still needs good looking sense by setting the room well.

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The category of a Neat Car Garage

Actually the existence of the garage and living room, as the example, are different. Living room will be visited by many people as guest and also as the owner. Because it serves some sofa and also chair to welcoming guest so the function is for enjoying time. If garage is to park the car, there is no furniture to beautify the garage. In addition some people usually placing the shoes shelf. Its function is to make us easy when we want to hang out without looking for shoes or sandals in the other rooms.

The category is a neat garage will be dominantly come from the use of two wall paint. Usually the wall paint use the white color or the single color. But in this modern era, we can combine the color in order to have the best looking for garage.

Tips for having a Neat Car Garage

Garage is for our vehicle or our cat. They’re the dead thing. It can’t be feels comfort and uncomfort, but we still need to decor the garage well. There are some tips below to make the garage neater:

  • Place the vertical shelf in the garage. This shelf will minimize the used space of the garage. If we use the horizontal shelf, it will make our garage narrower. This vertical shelf will be multifunction. It can be used for placing the shoes, helm, or others. We will set it up-down.
  • Use the iron shelf. It will be long-used than plastic shelf. The iron shelf will be far from small animals that always broke luggage in home or we can call it as Termite.
  • Build the higher palate for making a Neat Car Garage we want. The garage won’t be narrow when the car enters to the garage. There will be large space, because we use the high palate. If our home is double floor style, we need to make the sense of the high palate by installing the best ceiling design. We need to choose the ceiling design by the helping of the ceiling expert.
  • Set the small cabinet to take the small luggage, like umbrella, small car spare part, or others. It will make the garage neater than we place the small luggage carelessly.
  • Or we can serve the built in cabinet that hanging up on the wall. It is also making the garage neater.

We don’t need to enter much decoration to our garage in order to have a Neat Car Garage. We only need to set the main luggage of the car garage well.

A Neat Car Garage will be gotten from the best placing of the garage’s luggage. Although the wall paint is simple, if the luggage setting is good. It will make the comfort and good looking garage.


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