Small Kitchen Design with Bright Color

If choosing traditional wood color tones or classic white for your kitchen color is not your style, you can consider making your kitchen bold, bright and colorful with your color choices. It will be a less boring choice which will make your kitchen one of nice focal points inside your home.

Bright and Colorful Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Even though most of home owners will play safe and choose neutral color palettes for their kitchen design, actually there is no harm to play with more colorful one when decorating a kitchen even the small one. If you want to make your dining experience gets less boring and be better, here are some small kitchen design ideas with bright and colorful tones.

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Bright and Sunny Kitchen

Have you ever thought about having magenta cabinet inside your small kitchen? Well, it is actually a possible thing to do. You can use light cream for the walls and then add kitchen cabinet which has magenta doors.

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For the countertop, white color will help you to make a nice touch in your kitchen. You can also add some items which are in yellow or lemon color to brighten up your kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen gets enough natural light from outside so that it looks roomier and cozy.

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Pale Turquoise Kitchen

If you prefer feminine touch in your kitchen style, this small kitchen design will suit your taste best. Paint your cabinets in pale turquoise and let the countertops to have white color. For your windows frame and dining table and chair (in case you want to put them around your kitchen), it is nice to have the one which comes in natural wood color.

Image : eatwell101

In addition, it is also possible for you to attempt matching your wall color with your countertops, cabinets and other furniture used around your kitchen. So, you can consider choosing the paint at the last moment.

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Bright Green Kitchen

Next, bright green kitchen is another great choice for you who have small space for your kitchen area. Combining bright green cabinets and white countertops and backsplashes will be an excellent idea for small kitchen.

Image : redtram

Moreover, it will be even better if you design your kitchen with large glass instead of bonder it with all wall. For instance, you can consider apply large glass for the wall behind the cabinets. It will be a nice idea especially if you want to make your narrow kitchen seems larger.

Image : bestmodernchairs

Those are some ideas for small kitchen design with bright color schemes. The point is, there is no problem with bring up bright, bold or vibrant color to our kitchen. But, we may need to bring a few colors only so that the look can be balance.

Additionally, we may need to think about having multipurpose items in our small kitchen so that we can maximize the use of every corner in our kitchen perfectly. That’s all for today, we hope you can have a great small kitchen with bright color soon. Good luck!

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