Arranging a Small House to Stay Neat

Nowadays, residential property price skyrockets. More and more people opt to live in smaller houses due to this fact. Well, this house is seen to be a logical choice as it is more efficient and cost-friendly in comparison to bigger one. However, living in a small house is not always sunshine and rainbow. Arranging a small house proves to be no easy feat.

How to Arranging a Small House

Some may say that it is inevitable for a small house to look cluttered. People can have too many belongings that can hardly fit inside the limited space. It is also hard to arrange to furnace minimalist area, because even slight adjustments can change the whole room structure. This will likely discourage some people to live in small place. Here are some tips to arrange you home so it stays neat.

  1. Choose the Right Furniture

Perhaps the hardest part of arranging a small house is choosing the right furniture. It is better to choose lightweight furniture that does not take up so much space. Multifunctional one like sofa bed is also very popular lately, so it is a possible alternative. Choosing furniture that can be mounted on to the wall is good to save some space.

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  1. Organize the Furniture Smartly

There are some guidelines to organize furniture in small house to avoid the place looking cramped. For bedroom, it is better to fit bed in the center, right against the wall in opposite side of bedroom door. For living room, the sofa should be pushed against the wall. An alternative to this is to utilize sofa as a partition to a different functional part of room. Moreover for the kitchen, it is best to maximize storage under the sink and keep the most used cooking tools nearby.

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  1. Install Wallpaper on the Wall

Wallpaper can either make the room look narrow or spacious. It is often suggested that people pick neutral and light colors like blue, yellow, and white to give an impression of larger room. To avoid the room looking narrow, it is better not to use darker colors. However, this does not mean avoiding patterns on the wallpaper. People can be creative by choosing lively patterns like animal prints on their wallpapers so the room will not seem too flat.

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  1. Create Multipurpose Rooms

Arranging a small house can also be done by creating spaces that are multifunctional. Corners are usually abandoned, but you can actually make the most out of it. People can set up a working space or mini library in unused corner of the room. Combining two similar functions in one space is also a smart move. The example is to integrating kitchen and dining room.

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  1. Pick the Correct Trinkets

People do not want their house to look dull. However, decorating a small room with trinkets may result in messy-looking space. A great way to solve this is to choose wall-mounted trinkets. Another way is to place those trinkets on top of table or cabinets. It is important to select a trinket that looks contrast with the wall, so the presence is palpable. In addition, the trinket should not be too big or too heavy either.

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  1. Set up Designated Space for Each Belonging

A cluttered looking small house may result from objects misplacements, especially the small ones. Therefore arranging a small house can be done by setting up designated space for your belongings. Provide a small bowl to keep menial and often forgotten things like keys and coins. It is important to be consistent when placing things in those designated spots.


With some tricks you can still utilize the most out of a limited space, while also making it looking pretty and tidy. Arranging a small house, although challenging, is certainly not impossible. It will surely encourage more people to live in a minimalist house in the future.

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