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Simple and Minimalist Kitchen Design


The main theme of a Minimalist Kitchen Design is as simplicity. Its about simple theme, simple decoration, simple design, and also simple idea. All of the modern design is not always glamour theme. The simple theme can be a modern result.

Doing design activities are always being the unusual things before; we don’t do redesigning our home before it is broke. So we will do repairing after there is some broken sides. They think about the expensive budget that they will face when we are redesigning the home.

After the developing era was existed, the redesigning activity is being the routine activities that are done in every years or in every season. When there is the new design theme in design idea, we will do redesigning our home. It can be for full redesign, it means for all rooms, and also for specific room, like redesigning kitchen.


There are many themes that are available to be the best reference for us, like the one theme for redesigning our kitchen. There is a Minimalist Kitchen Design. This is good theme now and being the current theme that is exist and being favorite time of many people. It is because the minimalist theme spread simplicity but modern.

This minimalist design for our lovely kitchen can be applied for all kitchen type, especially for spreading the minimalist concept. Every time the various theme are developed, so we can use a new theme.

There are some kinds of Minimalist Kitchen Design that we can use as the reference and alternative to beautify our kitchen:

Nice distribution theme of minimalist kitchen


The simplicity thee if the minimalist kitchen is so dominant. We can see from the large sense of the kitchen set used. The table is made from marble. Then combine it with the synthetic wood for the kitchen cupboard. The grey and white color adds the minimalist style for the kitchen.

Intensif granite kitchen design


The use of the granite for this Minimalist Kitchen Design is for the top of the kitchen table. This design looks so modern and also classic. In addition, there are also cooktop stove and wasteful that makes this kitchen simpler. Besides, this kitchen also uses the reddish wood with steel holder. We can call this design as the functional kitchen style, because the entire kitchen used is in maximally.

Black red kitchen theme

For redesigning our kitchen, we can do it all out. So the performance of the kitchen before and kitchen after are very different almost 360 degree. This is also being the main characters of the modern design.


For example in that picture, we use the theme of black red kitchen. Both are the original and brave color. The combination is very nice, by applying red kitchen chair and black kitchen cupboard. Then for the top of the table we use two white colors, so it makes the kitchen so colorful. There is also staircase table so that we can place the food in the different position. The whole sense of the Minimalist Kitchen Design is brave sense.

Fire and wood theme

If we read from the name, this kitchen set is making us flashing back to the last memory. It is like the traditional kitchen we have never had when we are in the village. We sue traditional stove that is made by ourselves. To cook, we use the stove by using wood. The dry wood will be burned to make our menu cooked well. But for this design, we can see it from this picture.


This fire and wood theme of Minimalist Kitchen Design is like the Japanese kitchen. There are long windows in one side of the kitchen wall. The use of the wood for the cupboard combined with white table surface. It makes our kitchen simple and large.

Traditional-modern kitchen design


This is also the pen kinds of the best kitchen design. For making the simple purpose, we use the wood bench and also wood windows. Whole for getting the modern sense, we use the countries theme. There is mosaic floor theme that is hung up on the top of the stove. So unique and make us comfort to be in our lovely kitchen.

 Minimalist Kitchen Design is not only spreading the modern sense, but also for spreading the simple sense. So we don’t need the glamour decoration for making our kitchen more beautiful. We can use the simple decoration but has pointed theme.

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