Restaurant Kitchen Sense in Our Minimalist Home

When we are lazy to cook, we will go to restaurant for having some foods. Besides, we also visit to restaurant when we have special dinner invitation. The restaurant menu is making us hungry and always in hurry to eat. It is because the cook man is the professional chef. When we are seeing the Restaurant Kitchen Sense in the restaurant, we will see the restaurant staffs are busy. They are serious to cook for giving delicious menu. If our kitchen set is like restaurant kitchen, we will like a professional chef of a restaurant.


The restaurant chef will cook delicious menu because of their cooking skill and also the kitchen condition. The kitchen condition gives the comfortable sense and makes them easy to do their activities. So if we want to bring the Restaurant Kitchen Sense in our home, we can have the best restaurant kitchen design.

Here are some alternative of having Restaurant Kitchen Sense that we can choose:

Stainless kitchen theme


This is a kind of Restaurant Kitchen Sense that we can apply for redesign our kitchen set. The use of stainless makes the kitchen cleaner like the restaurant kitchen. Whatever the menu we cook, the dirt won’t make our kitchen worst.

The combination of granite floor or natural stone ceramics can make this kitchen nicer.

Stainless theme with its ceiling


This kitchen style is similar with the design before, but there is the difference. There is a ceiling on the top of the kitchen table. This ceiling is special for kitchen table; it is shorter than the ceiling roof.

The ceiling is also made from stainless. It aims to give hygienist of food we cook.

Island theme


There is also Island Theme for our Restaurant Kitchen Sense. The design place wasteful and stove in the middle of the kitchen set. This table is also as the shelf for saving some bowls or other cooking tools.

The size of this kitchen set is not big but if is not small, so it is appropriate for minimalist kitchen we have.

Shiny theme


The availability of some lamps in this kitchen makes our kitchen larger. It is like a restaurant kitchen. The hanging lamps that are placed in line make big Restaurant Kitchen Sense. This design also shows some kitchen tables are placed in three rows.

So, we have free space to slice the ingredients. This kitchen looks so full of decoration, but actually we can arrange the cooking tools well. We mustn’t have three tales, but we can have two table. The important thing is having some hanging lamps to give shiny sense.

Unique theme



This design is unique, because we have already used the real concept of restaurant kitchen. We can see some hanging cooking tools in the middle of kitchen table. Then for increasing Restaurant Kitchen Sense that is comfortable in our minimalist kitchen, we can place some oven and refrigerator on the edge of the kitchen. While for the kitchen set with its cupboard is also placed in the edge of the kitchen. We are still using stainless kitchen set.

 Multifunction restaurant kitchen set


This Restaurant Kitchen Sense uses the real function of restaurant kitchen. We can see from the kitchen table that is not only for slicing some ingredient but also for placing oven. The position in the bottom of the table as the table’s cupboard is so practice kitchen decoration.

The most essentials theme of the Restaurant Kitchen Sense is about the way to set the cooking tools and the choice of stainless tools it is like hotel restaurant, the kitchen restaurant is dominantly using stainless for keeping the kitchen clean.

While for having the best design for restaurant kitchen style toward our minimalist kitchen, we should make sure that the design is appropriate for our kitchen. So that the design of the kitchen set and the design of the kitchens room should be matched.

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