Pretty Design for Your Minimalist Bathroom

Taking a bath activity is not only getting water toward our body, but also having relaxation after doing busy activities along a day. Because of that we need comfortable bathroom. In order to get this aims, we should do pretty bathroom design to renew the bathroom performance.

In having water for all of our body, we can do it by showering or having bathtub. Whatever our techniques are, the concept of good bathroom should be done. It must not be glamour or over design by using expensive decoration. We can use simple decoration but those are all multi-function decoration. Moreover, the main concept of our bathroom is minimalist bathroom base on the main concept of our home.

Minimalist bathroom is applied by having narrow bathroom. It won’t be like the traditional bathroom. We should use the minimalist room for having nice bathroom with its real function. So we should think hard about it.

Here are some pretty bathroom designs that can be the alternative to give us new idea for having comfortable bathroom:

Nonspacing design of minimalist bathroom

The performance of this bathroom is so simple. At the first sight, it is like usual bathroom we have already known. Between showers, closet, and also wasteful are in opened position. There is no space like shower screen. The sense of this decoration is making the bathroom larger.

The wall of the bathroom use wall ceramic and the floor use matte ceramic. It is simple and looks glamour. We can apply it for our lovely bathroom. This pretty bathroom design also doesn’t spend a lot of money.

White mozaik bathroom

The model of this minimalist bathroom is modern. We can see from the use of shower screen. The special of this design is using full ceramic with mosaics motif. Then we add some pictures that make our bathroom looks elegant.

Monochrome white can also be used for the motive of the wall and also the floor of the bathroom. Wider mirror of the wasteful makes our minimalist bathroom so larger.

Dark monochrome bathroom concept

This design is like the design before. But the difference is about the color of the monochrome motif of the wall and floor. We use dark color for making it clean and easy to be cleaned. Dark won’t be easy to show the dirt of the bathroom.

This dark style can be the one of having a pretty bathroom design. We also do not need more decorations for our bathroom in using this model.

Dark sense concept

It is also using dark concept. But the dark is different with the design before. We use bathtub for this bathroom in white color. So our bathroom will be longer than the size of bathroom before.

Then there is big windows in beside of the bathtub to give natural lighting in our bathroom, so the dark sense won’t be giving screamed sense.

Size 1×2 model

Based on the size, the bathroom is really narrow or we can call it as the narrowest bathroom. But we should receive this size because of the limited area of our minimalist home. The important one is that we can decorate it well. So the bathroom can be used as the normal bathroom.

Based in the picture, we can use mosaics design. For one part of the bathroom wall to give minimalist style much.

It is also being the one of the pretty bathroom design that we can use as the alternative for having comfortable bathroom in our home. Moreover the ways to decorate 1×2 bathrooms is very complicated.

Black in white theme


We use black for the floor and white for the wall. Those color combination are actually the best combination. We need the real color of black and white without monochrome theme.

There are neutral themes with two simple color of the bathroom of this design, so that the minimalist bathroom is very greater in result.

This design proves us that the pretty bathroom design is not only by having lighted color, but also neutral color. We should have nice idea to have best combinations for the chosen color.

There are so many pretty bathroom design that we can apply to our bathroom. No matter about the size of the bathroom. It is because this best design is for maximizing the bathroom comfort ability.

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