Nice Idea to Change Garage to be a Comfortable Living Room

Having comfortable live is the dream of everyone. No one refuse this statement. They are always in big effort to get it as soon as possible. Then, as the one of the effort is by fulfilling the primarily needed of human being except cloth and food. It is a home. Whether the home is gotten from renting, or buying, is no problem. If we have our own home, we can try to realizing about changing garage to living room.

 To buy a home, we should have enough budgets. We should save it for long time, counting years by years. It is difficult. So, when we have already had a simple home, we should give our blessing to God. We can have a simple home but make us feel very comfortable.

There are many ways to make our own home to be more comfortable. It is important to be done, because we have big responsible to take our home well. Besides sweeping it in everyday or clean it every day, we can also make over our home. We can redesign it as a whole or we redesign it only some parts of our home.

The one kind of the redesign activities that we can do toward our lovely home is by changing garage to living room.

 Changing garage to living room idea

Everyone knows that the function of garage room is for placing our vehicle, especially our car. Although we don’t have car, every home dominantly consist of garage. It can be used for placing our motorcycle also. The wide of the garage is like our bedroom, based on the size of our hole.

If the garage isn’t useful, we can change it to be the useful room. Because dominantly garage is placed in the front of home, we can change it to be the usual front room. It is living room. It means that the function of the garage is removed and changed to be the new performance; it is as the living room. The non-useful garage is large, so it can enter many guest to our home. So the garage can be changed to be a living room.


The other reason of changing garage to living room is about the practice place. As we know that the home model now is the minimalist home. All of the room is so limited in wide. So we can change the garage to be a living room. So that when our guests are coming, we can place them in the wide and nice living room.

To make the process of building garage to be living room should be done fluently. The idea to change the garage to be the comfortable living room is from a creative want to make the garage more useful. Besides, the other purpose is also to large our minimalist home.

Here some steps to change the garage to be a living room:

  1. Clean the garage as soon as possible. To clean it, we don’t need long process, because garage doesn’t have much furniture. Maybe it consists of small dirt or dust. We only need to sweep it and clean it with water.

  2. We need to invite an interior designer. If we want to redesign the garage totally in order to make it escape from garage sense. We need to change the floor, wall, roof, and others.

  3. With an interior designer, we place some living room decoration. We can place sofa, table lamp, and many more.

  4. When we need to change the door of the garage, we should rebuild the door. Usually garage uses the sliding door, so we should change it to ne single or double door. Or we still use the slippery door but we make it sure that the door is still appropriate to use. When we change the door, we can add some glass windows. The purpose of the windows is to make the room larger.

Having the comfortable living room is not easy if we get it from the process of changing garage to living room. Garage is not always weak to be changed as a new living room. If we have bit creativity, it is sure that the guest or other people that the living room is real living room. It can’t be imagined that it is garage before.

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