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Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model


Although our home is minimalist or small, and also our bedroom is not large, if we design it well, it will be the most comfortable bedroom for us. We don’t want to have the big bedrooms again with the big home. Whereas for the boys bedroom. They like to have simple bedroom, so the Boys Bedroom Design action is not difficult and complicated like to design the girl’s bedroom.

The color of boys is not as much as the girls color; it is because boys like neutral colors. They like old blue, black, grey, an old brown, and others. We can see it form their accessories color. They are rarely using the white accessories, red, or others light color. This principle of the boys color is also applied for their bedroom design.

The Boys Bedroom Design since the old era is simple, so for this modern era. There theme of the boys bedroom nowadays is also simple theme. There aren’t many decoration, and also limited use of the wallpaper.

Belows are some modern Boys Bedroom Design that we can see:

Minimalist boys bedroom style

Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model

The color used is like the colors used for the minimalist home. It uses the old grey color domination. The additional of white color is being the better combination.

This Boy’s Bedroom Design use the compact theme, so there is no much decoration. Only some decoration that will chosen as the pointed decoration. There are only single bed and long small table in each edge of the bed.  We can place some boys decoration, like car miniature, alarm clock, and also photos or pictures.

Music boys bedroom theme

Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model

The design idea for designing the boy’s bedroom is also gotten from their hobbies. The hobby of the boys will be the main theme for making their bedroom more modern and also comfortable.

The one of the hobbies theme for the boy’s room are music. Many boys like to play music. They can master some music tools and arrangement, so that they can apply their music hobbies as the theme of their comfortable bedroom design.

The ways to apply the music theme for boys bedroom are by adding some picture of musicians, hanging the music tools up of the wall, using music tools stickers, placing some tape recorders, and others. When we are entering the bedroom, we will feel like entering in a music studio.

Industrial boys bedroom style

Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model

This bedroom style is also the kinds of the minimalist bedroom, because we use the domination color of white, black, and grey. We can combine two of those color or all of those color.

Industrial bedroom names come from the industrial theme. So we can imagine the industrial condition. Some base material that is in the processing of making the functional thing. So that for giving the industrial sense for the boys’ bedroom is adding some abstract pictures on the wall. Then placing some industrial decoration in freely without any neat sense, but for placing the books should be regularly in the shelf.

Kasia Orwat Style

Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model

This Boy’s Bedroom Design is the typical design as the result of someone called Kasia Orwat. The theme of this design is also a simplicity bedroom. White and black colors are being the main color used for this bedroom and both give the sense of real boys itself. Masculine and simple are being the best sense speeded from the color uses. This bedroom is real boys’ identity.

Shirley Meisels Styles

Based on the name of this bedroom design maker, she’s a woman. But she can create the best kinds of the boys’ bedroom that’s spread minimalist styles. Chinese theme became the identical combination color of this bedroom design. There is the Yin and Yang meaning of this design.

Modern Boys Bedroom Design and Model

Using some smooth bed covers and also the blanket are being the main identity of this design. In addition, there should be also the fur carpet around the bed.

Modern Boys Bedroom Design came from the simple theme design. We can choose the simple decoration and also furniture. The color used is also the neutral color as the boy’s identity

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