Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are asked to choose one single space inside your home that should be in minimalist design, won’t that room be your kitchen? Well, it is such common response since minimalist kitchen is just simple, tranquil and clean. Yet, the beauty is more than that.

On the other hand, minimalist kitchen is not that suitable for you who have large families. It is because minimalist kitchen is too simple and it is not designed to have you and another person working in the kitchen at the same time.


If you do not mind with that notion and want to have a minimalist kitchen, here are some of the best ideas that you can apply to make the most of your minimalist kitchen design.

Apply White as Your Main Color


It is no secret that white is usually used as the main color for most minimalist kitchen. When white is such a bright color that can work best to make narrow space looks larger, it makes this color suitable to be applied in minimalist design.

Think Minimalism


When choosing your kitchen appliances, think about minimalism. It will be great to have smaller appliances which can provide lots of functions. It will be a good idea for you who want to apply minimalist design for your small kitchen space as well.

Use Light Wooden Floors


Combining all-white kitchen with light wooden floors is certainly beautiful. It will help you to create inviting and clean look inside your kitchen. Instead of floor, it is also possible for you to have wooden ceiling applied in your kitchen. It will create a great balance in your white kitchen.

Go with Built-in Appliances


Take a look to all of those contemporary kitchen design ideas and you will know that having built-in appliances is also an excellent idea for minimalist kitchen design. It will be suitable for minimalist idea’s of multitasking and space saving.

Select Stainless Steel as Your Surface Choices


If you want to make simple, sleek and versatile look in your kitchen, go on with stainless steel as your preferred surface. From your countertops to storage handles, apply stainless steel to create that sleek and simple result.

Go On with Minimal Window Frame


Having a wider window to make sure that your minimalist kitchen gets the most of natural light is highly important. However, it will be great to make your window frame as minimal as possible so that your glass window can work best to make your room looks bigger even with minimal size.

Use Your Kitchen Island as Divider


If you are going to go with open floor plan for your kitchen, you can consider adding kitchen island to your kitchen and then use it as divider. For instance, it can be used to divide your kitchen with dining area or other spaces.

Those are a few minimalist kitchen design ideas. Are you ready to apply one or two from the ideas above to design your minimalist kitchen? We’re sure you will love to try. So, happy designing!

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