L-Shaped Minimalist Kitchen Design

Brownstone Minimalist Kitchen

The beauty of your kitchen will be laid on your beautiful design. When L-shaped kitchen is a very common part of many homeowners’ home, you may like to apply L-shaped kitchen design as well for your future kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Design with
Image : bettaliving

Having an L-shaped kitchen is actually great for those who seek for more attractive and functional kitchen. There is no doubt that we have many things to like this kind of kitchen. Today, in order to help you get the best ideas for your kitchen, we will shop you some beautiful L-shaped minimalist kitchen ideas as follow.

Brownstone Minimalist Kitchen

Applying black and white color scheme is always nice for minimalist kitchen. For this idea, you can have L-shaped countertops and add a simple kitchen island to add more space to prepare for your meals as well as to provide space to have fast meal by adding some chairs at the island.

Brownstone Minimalist Kitchen
Image : cetpass

For creating the fabulous black and white scheme, you can consider painting the walls and ceiling in white while let the floor and cabinet painted in black. However, you can leave the countertops surface in white to create a balance look.

Open Plan Minimalist Kitchen

Uniting your minimalist kitchen with dining area is always a great idea for you. In one of studios out there, there is an L-shaped kitchen which comes together with dining area on the middle. At this point, instead of adding traditional kitchen island, you can add a dining table completed with its dining chairs.

Open Plan Minimalist Kitchen
Image : kitchendesignscapetown

For this design, you can also plan to make it mostly wait. However, to create nice and more inviting look, you can consider applying wooden flooring and use a dining table which is coated in its natural color. Add pendant above the dining table to make it looks great.

Feminine Modular Kitchen

See one of the kitchen designs from Oppein Global and you will see a beautiful modular kitchen with nice color palette. This idea comes in pastel color which creates a feminine look in the kitchen. With lovely pastel cabinets and cupboard combined with white countertops and backsplash, it is surely an inviting design that you will love it more.

Feminine Modular Kitchen
Image : 24

Moreover, for the top storage space, you can consider applying wooden open shelves to display your treasured chinaware or other things. You can also add some hidden lamps under the top open shelves to add light to your countertops area.

That’s all several ideas for L-shaped minimalist kitchen design. Of course there are more ideas out there that you can take into account. So, you can check out more about it to get more inspired by the design that has already been available.

The last but not least, when it comes to minimalist kitchen design, you should not forget to make sure that your idea is in the same frame with the rule of minimalist design. At this point, don’t forget that having multipurpose furniture is great idea and create simple, clear line in your design is also nice to get the most of your minimalist style.

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