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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Contemporary, Classic Look


You kitchen cabinets arrange the stage to the styling with look of your kitchen, as well as how well organized your kitchen needs are. But the up‐to‐date within kitchen cabinet thought with design trends may be tricky, since certain trends look dated after several years.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Contemporary

Replacing you kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so making the right choice is key to enjoying a beautiful up‐to‐date kitchen for many years. We looked at the up‐to‐date kitchen cabinet thought and analyzed function, beauty and when the trend own the potential for be fresh yet timeless. Here’s our favorite eight kitchen cabinet thought that are classics and will be on trend for years.

1. Color Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Color Kitchen Cabinets

For a contemporary kitchen, forget traditional cabinets in the dark spotted wood and go with color. Color cabinets are a great way to add personality to a kitchen. The best part is that certain painted cabinets can be repainted as needed without having to replace them. The boldest color selection today are not necessarily sunny yellow or saturate primary colors. Today is neutral colors create a big, modern-however-classical statement like:


Blue Color Kitchen Cabinets

White Color Kitchen Cabinets

Taupe Color Kitchen Cabinets

2. Textured Kitchen Cabinets

Wood will constantly be a very sought since kitchen cabinet ingredient. For a fresh update to wood cabinets, examine exotic woods that own striped grain to them. The stripes would add texture with visual interest by your cabinetry.

Textured Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Textured Kitchen Cabinets

3. High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Append high gloss to your list of kitchen cabinet thought. They’re easy to keep clean using a soft, damp rag, enhance color and wood grain by saturating the tones and brighten the kitchen, thanks to their reflective surface.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Red High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

4. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Avoid a builder‐class cabinet look with getting creative to you cabinet choices. Go with a two‐tone stock in your kitchen by selecting one of two approaches to get the look:

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

High with low two‐tone effect. Use one color on your reduce cabinets and a different color on your upper cabinets. To create a fresh, lasting look, stick to complementary colors. If you find that you are color-challenged, make use of a deeper, richer shade at a lower cabinets, and a much lighter shade from the same color or white for the top cabinets.

High with low two‐tone effect

Correct two‐tone. Instead of mixing and fit color cabinets, select cabinets that have a two‐tone look to them. Careful with choosing cabinets in a reiterated two‐tone effect they might look overly busy. Our favorite, contemporary look that will withstand the test of time implicate two‐tone cabinets that are one color for the actual cabinets and doors, with a second color around the exterior frame.

Correct two‐tone

5. Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinets

For some unique, high‐design kitchen cabinet thought, look for simple kitchen cabinets. The juxtaposition of rustic cabinetry with the latest appliances and contemporary counters and touches creates a warm and inviting, modern kitchen space.

Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinets

6. Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Whitewashed wood have been making the rounds at the peak European kitchen design shows for years. The effect lightens the color of the wood grain and adds a high‐end see to you wood cabinets every moment looking fresh and modern today and in ten years.

Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

traditional Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

7. Floating Kitchen Cabinets

The contemporary stock from floating cabinets create a kitchen room memorable. Floating reduce cabinets showcases you flooring moment opening the space up. The look are surprisingly functional plus ergonomic, since a cabinet’s storage area near the floor is often hard to access or difficult to use for those with back problems. To show off floating cabinets, add lighting under them to cast a contemporary vibe and glow.

Floating Kitchen Cabinets

8. Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Going green is here for stay. And nothing tell green like dense, low‐VOC bamboo cabinets. Because bamboo sprout so quickly, set bamboo cabinets way less deforestation of the environment. Look for high quality, dense bamboo cabinets (instead of ply or veneer) and ask for recommendations from friends. Bamboo is harder rather than Oak. Your bamboo cabinets will look as good as new for years to come.

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