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Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home


In the village, the fence for home is the natural fence type. It uses plants for a fence of their home. Besides, they also use bamboo fence. The natural and traditional sense is being the main theme of this theme. Now, in the modern era, we have many kinds of modern home fence types.

Before we learn about the modern home fences we should know about the function of the real fence. At first, fence is as a barring for each home. So the traditional fence doesn’t have lock. Then for the modern fence, the function is also developed.

Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

We make the fence with its lock as the fence set, so we can understand well that the function of the fence is for safety. The height of the modern fence is also different with traditional fence. The traditional fence is shorter than the modern fence.

Actually, beside for the safety function, the modern fence is also for beautifying exterior design. So, we need to design it well. Then we know about some home fence types in order to be the references for us for having modern fence style

Here are some home fence types in this modern era:

The simple minimalist fence


Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

These types of fence are the familiar type for us. We are easy to find this type, because of many people make it as favorite home fence style. Usually this fence style is for the minimalist home.

Black paint of the fence is being the identity of this fence. The iron line of the fence is real line, so the fence doesn’t close the home at the whole. It can make us easy to have best relations with our neighbor. We can greet to everybody passed every time although we are sitting in the terrace.

Real minimalist theme of home fence

Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

The model of this home fence type is using the real minimalist components. We use some neutral color, like grey, brown, white, and also cream. The horizontal line of the fence component beautifies the fence well. So we can apply it for making our home neat and modern.

Besides, this fence is also easy to be decorated. We can use some lamps to make it lighter.

Every design of the fence is appropriate for specific kinds of home. This minimalist fence design is appropriate for the home that has long terrace home.

Wood fence type

Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

When we use the wood fence, it doesn’t mean that we have the traditional fence style. It’s still modern because the design is different with the traditional fence. If the traditional fence, there are spaces of each wood line. While for modern fence, there aren’t spaces anymore. Then the other difference is that the traditional fence uses bamboo dominantly, while the modern fences use wood.

This is also giving the minimalist theme. There is strong and also thick sense for the fence. Beside this fence can protect the extreme weather outside.

White fence theme

Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

Classical theme can be spreaded form this kinds of home fence type. It is because this fence use white paint. The main material used is iron. Usually this fence is appropriate for two-storey home. There is also the natural stone for beautifying the middle part of the fence.

Full iron fence

Kinds of Fence Type for Minimalist Home

Home fence type for this case is the real modern fence, because the iron material is very dominant. We don’t use wood or other traditional material anymore.

Make sure that the choice of home fence type is appropriate with our want and also our home design. It will make the interior performance of our home field be more beautiful and also neat.

Choose the strong material of the home fence, so that we can use it in the long duration. We don’t need to redesign it with the other home fence type because it is in the hood caring.


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