The Most Recommended Tricks to Kill Mite Naturally

Keep home clean in everyday is our due. We should do it well in everyday without except. These cleaning activities should be done for getting the best health of living. So, killing mite tricks should also be done and being the priority purpose when we do cleaning activity.

 As the question now is about the word ‘mite’ that maybe is strange for us, where the mite itself actually is a name of an animal. It is familiar in our daily life. We also have already known it well. But maybe it is known mite the other name.

medical 3d illustration – typical dust mite

All about Mite

Mite is the one of the small animal type. It lives in the home luggage, live in the sofa, pillow, bolster, mattress, and also in the blanket. It is the transparent animal because it is kind of the invertebrate animal. It can’t be seen at first sight. We need microscope to see it clearly

The smallest animal has the bad effect to our environment. It is make us itchy getting flu, asthma, and also make the bronchitis illness. It is because the night hides on the object they live in. We will be aware that there is meeting in the object we use when we had already.Mite can be categorized by a dust. It is too small and we should kill it by clean it or use the special tools. If we let it continuously, it will make us uncomforted. This mute population is numbered and will be increased and increased.

The factor that increase the population of mite

There are many factors that make the mite is difficult to be killed. Even it is increased and increased. There are:

  • The humidity This factor makes the unhygienic object so that the mite will be comfort to stay. Because it has the same principle with the dust.
  • The bad ventilation. So it makes the mite stuffy. The mite will be happy to be growth and growth.
  • In the dirty room. It is the result of our laziness to clean our home.

Best killing mite tricks that we should be done

There are sow solution to minimize the mite population. It is important to be done as soon as possible by doing:

  • More diligent to clean the home minimally one a day or twice a day is better.
  • Killing mite tricks by washing the clothes or blanket. It is important, because the mite is also happy to live in the cloth. When we had already worn the cloth, don’t let it hanging up for some days. It will make the best place to mite.
Image : burkedecor

 Wash it as soon as possible while for the blanket, the thick wool. Make the mite can hide perfectly. Make sure we sue the blanket in the clean condition with washing it twice a week or minimal one a week.


  • Make sure that the ventilation of our room is good. So that the sun shine can enter to the room.
Image : knaria
  • Use dust filter to clean the sofa, matrass, curtain, and many more. This tool is the modern tools that will make us easier to clean the sofa.
  • Use thee Air Cleaning or AC. beside Make the room freshener and cooler, AC is also beneficial for keeping the cleaning of room. Choose the AC that has cleaning fitures.

There are many kinds to do killing mite tricks. The main action is to clean the home as routine as possible. Don’t let the more dust live in our room. It is because the mite is kind if the dust.

By this killing mite tricks, we can minimize the bad effect if the mite in our home. Our health live will be better and guaranteed because we had already keep the room always in healthy.




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