Interior Design for Minimalist Apartment

Beautiful Apartment Which Looks Like Gallery

Having a small apartment can be very challenging sometimes. You may work on minimalist design so that you can get the most of your small apartment. But, you may get it difficult to select what kind of interior design that is right for your minimalist apartment.

There is no doubt that minimalist style is very popular when designing apartment. Now, to learn more about this idea, let’s check this out!

Interior Design Ideas for Minimalist Apartment


Interior Design Ideas for Minimalist Apartment
Image : xifr

Designing your apartment interior is actually about your personality and taste. However, if you need some ideas to get you inspired, here are some of the best interior design ideas for your minimalist apartment.

  1. Minimalist Apartment with Charming White and Red Interior

Interior Design Ideas for Minimalist Apartment
Image : grandhousedesign

There is a studio apartment in Paris which can be a good example for a sophisticated minimalist apartment. Applying red and white as the main color for its interior, this small apartment looks neat and beautiful for you to live.

Using open floor idea, the room is divided with open shelves wall which connect the bedroom with kitchen and sitting area. You can use the open shelves to display things like books, photo album or anything while using it as divider.

For the color scheme, this apartment applies white as the major color and then added by a little red in some of the parts such as on the kitchen backsplash and the use of red bed sheet and blankets on the mattress.

  1. Small Loft Apartment Featuring Bright Colored Space

Small Loft Apartment Featuring Bright Colored Space
Image : tumblr

It is another sophisticated interior design that you can apply to your minimalist apartment. A loft in small but high-ceiling apartment is surely a great thing. With mini kitchen right beside the entrance, your bed is placed in the open loft connected with staircases which is located right above the kitchen.

There can be a dining area and sitting area in an open floor plan which will make this apartment cozy and comfortable for your busy life.

  1. Beautiful Apartment Which Looks Like Gallery

Beautiful Apartment Which Looks Like Gallery
Image : treehugger

It is an apartment in Melbourne which inspires this idea. Have you ever thought about having a studio apartment which seems like an art gallery? Well, this idea may inspire you.

This apartment features 3 main structures including a bench, large metal door and arched alcove which is also used as a hidden cooking area. In this apartment, all of the fittings and furniture appear like an art object in gallery.

Well, those are a few interior design ideas for minimalist apartment that you can use as inspiration. When there is actually no particular formula to design a minimalist apartment, there are still some keys to make your design successful. It includes painting the walls in bright color, using hidden storage and also featuring the space with multifunction furniture.

Now, you have learned some ideas for minimalist apartment design. Don’t forget to take your personality and taste into account as you design the apartment as well. Finally, hope you enjoy and also get inspired by the information above.

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