Most Interesting Minimalist Staircase Design

Ribbon Floating Staircase

Nowadays, almost everything in this word is developing. It comes in the same way with staircase design which also starts to evolve quickly. Now we can find a lot of styles which are making its way to beautify many people’s home. From the classic Victorian to contemporary and floating design, there are many alternatives that homeowner can take into account.

The Most Interesting Floating Staircase Designs

The Most Interesting Floating Staircase Designs
Image : tablethotels

Among so many styles available, floating staircase designs can be considered as the most interesting one because it is just so much elegant, minimalist and also stylish at the same time. Just take a look to these following minimalist floating staircases designs and get interested with its beauty and style.

Metal Floating Staircase with Simple Handrail

Metal Floating Staircase with Simple Handrail
Image : freshome

A metal floating staircase in West Seattle Residence shows up the interesting side of floating staircase. Coming with industrialism touch, this kind of staircase will be great to be applied in your minimalist home as well. it will be a nice focal point that is simple and elegant for your home interior. Created by Lawrence Architecture, this staircase design finishes in grey and has simple, thin handrail.

Minimalist Décor Featuring Floating Staircase

Minimalist Décor Featuring Floating Staircase
Image : trendir

This staircase designed is surely suitable with minimalist interior décor. The black staircase which is thin and designed to be straight to the top makes it a standout item inside the room.

To liven up the design, you can add a colorful artwork piece displayed around the staircase wall. This artwork is surely a beautiful decoration to make the room more dynamic.

Wood Floating Staircase

Wood Floating Staircase without Handrail
Image : realestate

Who says that wood staircase is more about classical look only. When you see a wood floating staircase , you will not think about the idea of classical touch. This staircase is just interesting and eye-catching inside a minimalist living room.

More interestingly, this floating staircase design does not come with handrail. It is also installed asymmetrically to create such a unique design that makes it more eye-catching.

Ribbon Floating Staircase

Ribbon Floating Staircase
Image : apartmenttherapy

If you love the idea of unique and different, you must take a look to this unusual floating staircase. Instead of coming with a few individual stairs like the other floating chairs, the designer makes it look like a ribbon. It is like made of one single ribbon and the stair is like continuous piece.

What do you think? Which one is the most interesting to you? Well, all of them are actually interesting and you can check out more ideas if needed. Just make sure to hire reliable professional to design your floating staircase when you are interested to install one. See you!

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