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Inspirations of Teenager’s Bedroom Color


Teenager makes full of story in their live and will be long duration in forever. We won’t be forget about all experiences when were done in teenager. So, for making it greater, we can start from giving good concept if teenager’s bedroom color. As a parent we should pay it in full attention. And as a teenager, we should have many kinds of bedroom’s concept that is very up to date for our comfortable rest.

Bedroom for teenager is different with the bedroom for adult or children. It is real because a teens’ age is the searching age or adaptation age. So there should be newer and fresher concept for supporting their growth in the teen age.

As a teen, although they are boy or girls, their bedroom concept should be in various themes. It is for making their mood always happy. Teenager’s’ feeling is very sensitive. They are sometimes in good mood and sometimes in bad mood. Those feeling will be changed sometimes, every time, without any reason.

These feeling are automatically happened. When they are in bad mood, they will do everything thy will make their surrounding worried and if it is happened continuously, it will make their life weak. So, we should keep their good mood.

Here are some designs of teenager’s bedroom color that we can do for keep teen’s good mood:


Green theme

Inspirations of Teenager’s Bedroom Color
Image : freshome

Beside pink, teen also likes the other color. The one chosen color is green. The green is giving fresher sense, it is because green sign a natural color. Based on the picture above, we can’t only use green only, but also use white color. Placing the unique bed makes the bedroom so cheerful. The bed has some cabinets to be the place of shoes or other bedroom luggage.

Red side theme

Inspirations of Teenager’s Bedroom Color

White and red are always being the usual color combination. Those colors are always in partner when applied to be a thing’s color. It is like the flag colors, but actually this combination can be used for the teen’s bedroom.

Use red curtain, red pillows and also red chary inside of the white bed and white wall make the best combination color of the teen’s room. So, it can be fresh and likes brave color. It readied the teen’s character.

Like the teenager’s bedroom color above, we can apply it for the teenagers’ bedroom. Of course it is appropriate for girl’s room.

Ethnique theme

Inspirations of Teenager’s Bedroom Color
Image : homedit

We can not only use the single color for being used in the bedroom, but also we can use various color. Like the use of blanket with ethnique blanket. Then the similar thing can be used for making match theme is the use of the curtain with motif also. So there are curtain, blanket with motif and we can also add some pictures.

We can also add some lampions in this bedroom with different colors. They are white and also purple. Then the ceilings tile of the room is like in the bottom of the stairs, so the ceiling does not flat like usual.

Blue theme

Inspirations of Teenager’s Bedroom Color
Image : homedsgn

Teenagers also like blue color. That color is also the fresh color. The use of blue can be applied for the wall and also for some decorations of the bedroom. The availability of the blue tree is being the additional great decoration of the bedroom, so that the point theme of the color. This decoration will make the teens can be more comfortable.

This teenager’s bedroom colors are being the dynamic bedroom. It is appropriate for boys and also for girls. There is starring bed with white theme to make the bedroom cuter.

These teenager’s bedroom colors are being the best choice for beautifying the teen’s bedroom. We can use it based on the teen’s favorite color.



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