How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

One of the problems faced by small space dwellers is how to make their small and tiny rooms look bigger and comfortable. Fortunately, it is not an impossible thing to do. You must remember this one: having small room like a small bedroom does not mean you cannot makeover it the way you like.

What You Can Do to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Then, what can you do to make it possible to work with your bedroom decoration when you think that your room is not enough to work with? Well, we have some solutions for you to make your lovely small bedroom sophisticated, roomy and beautiful. So, check this out!

  • Make a focal point

The first thing that you can do is to make a focal point in your bedroom. Eye-catching feature is needed to make a focal point in every room. In this case, you can make your bed headboard as your focal point and arrange some pillows that contrast your bedroom scheme to make it eye-catching.

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  • Go for limited color palette

When you have a small bedroom, it is always perfect to go for a few color combinations only. If all white is not the best choice for you, it is possible to bring some colors to color your room. For example, you can add some items that come in orange and red to your all white bedroom.

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  • Allow the light in

It must not be your first time to hear that make a small room brighter will help to make it seems bigger. That’s why you need to let the light in when it comes to small bedroom. It will be better for you to make a minimum window treatment so that natural light can go into the room more perfectly. Plain roller blind can be a good option for a treatment.

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  • Bring multifunctional furniture

It is another great way you can do to decorate your small bedroom. To maximize your small space, you can bring multifunctional furniture inside your room. For instance, you can go for a side table which also comes with storage or shelves fitted into the ceiling. So, you can use it to store your things instead of bringing another cabinet inside the room.

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  • Trick your eyes with mirrors

Next, you should not forget the magical use of mirror in small bedroom. Mirror is known as a perfect item to create an illusion that small space looks bigger. At this point, you can create mirrored wall or have a cabinet with mirror doors.

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  • Bring things that worth the space

At this point, choosing custom furniture will be the best choice when we are decorating a small bedroom. It is because we need a piece of item that can fit our room perfectly. It is always better to not having bed, cabinet, table or anything that is bulky and makes our room narrower.

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Well, those are a few ways that you can do to decorate your small bedroom. Remember that your limited space does not limit your creativity. Good luck!


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