How to Create Mini Home Garden!

It is when I am looking for a unique and easy DIY accessory for my home that I find a miniature garden. Yeah, it looks like your home garden but it is the mini form of your home garden. At that time, I know that it is a nice DIY project to do and I want to make one by my own.

What is interesting about creating mini home garden is that you do not always need to prepare for new items you buy from store. You can use your broken pots as the media and then gather some stones and soils from the nature. And it is also easy to create it.

Now the question will be how can you create a miniature garden? You do not need to worry because I have prepared further information about this one as follow.

Materials You Need

Let’s begin from gathering all of the supplies you need to create your very own mini home garden. I will make sure that everything will be easy to find, so check this out!

  • Container or Pot: You will need a house for your mini garden. And it can be made of various kinds of containers from plastic pot, terracotta planter pot or even glass bowl. But, you should remember to use container which has drain hole.
Image : rebellahome
  • Small Stones and Soil: It will be good to have stones with various textures and colors as decoration for your miniature garden.
  • Plants: Since it is garden, you will need plants to be planted. Some possible options include marjoram, moss, lemon-scented geraniums, miniature orchids, begonias and more.
Image : decoist

Step-by-Step to Make Your Mini Home Garden

  1. Putting in the soil

Fill your container with soil and then dig some holes as a space to plant your plants later on. You can use knife or anything to make the space.

Image : minigardener
  1. Prepare and plant your plants

After you fill the container with soil, now you can start to plant your plants as you please. Use your creativity to arrange the plant to looks great in your mini home garden. It will be great to have various plants to create interesting color and pattern.

Image : spacetruffles
  1. Add miniature accessories

To make your miniature garden looks even more beautiful, you can add some miniature accessories such as a miniature bridge, fence or even a miniature of furniture like table or chair. But, you can also consider adding simple items like beads or marbles.

Image : pr

Now, your miniature home garden is ready to display. After you have finished with your creation, it is important for you to take care of your mini garden. In this case, you should keep your mini garden on a flat surface and in indirect sunlight. Don’t forget to water your plants when the soil seems dry as well. You may have to trim your plants when needed as well.

What do you think? It is a very easy DIY project, isn’t it? Now, you can prepare for your own DIY mini home garden project and make it one by yourself. Finally, have a good day!

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