Easiest Setting for Simple Bathroom

We are not needing bathtub

The importance of bathroom is like bedroom. Every day we use it, without any limited time. There is no patent schedule for using bathroom, so design our bathroom is also being main focus except the other rooms in our home. We don’t need to set the glamour bathroom, but we only need for setting simple bathroom.

Usually, the room that get design touching are bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen, and others. For bathroom is very rarely. It is because some people are still believed that bathroom is the usual room. The percentage of the usual room of bathroom is lower than the usual room of living room, kitchen, and others. Whereas, the bathroom will be the one of the first room that is visited by the guest. Also we should throw the bad opinion about bathroom.

In this minimalist home model, the concept of the bathroom is also minimalist. Beside of it, there is also closet, so we can use two kinds of activities. For taking a bath and do excretion. Both are the important activities and we should make the bathroom comfortable.

Besides, our home is also the modern home, so the bathroom will be inside of home. It might be in each bedroom there is a bathroom.  So we should make sure that bathroom is safe and don’t give bad effect for the home.


Simple Bathroom

Actually, to get the comfortable bathroom, we can face many kinds of bathroom design model. They have their mastery so we can choose which one we want.

The want choice that is recommended is setting simple bathroom. We don’t need glamour bathroom or large bathroom. But we need simple bathroom. With bring comfort ability and also important function.

Below, are some kinds of the model of simple bathroom as the result of setting simple bathroom activity:


Adding a mirrow inside of the bathroom

Adding a mirrow inside of the bathroom
Image : pinterest

The recommendation mirror that we can choose for hanging up inside of the bathroom is the large mirror. It can be round form, square or rectangular form. The function of this mirror is not only one, for best mirror after taking a bath, but also for making the bathroom larger.

As example is for the picture above, we can choose the round mirror. Then, for the frame of the mirror must not blue, but we can choose other color that is appropriate to be used. The best location for hanging it up is in the up of the WashBasin.

Use the sliding door


Adding a mirrow inside of the bathroom
Image : digsdigs

For setting simple bathroom, we must not choose the simple or traditional decoration or component of the bathroom. For example is the wood door. We can also use the sliding door for our bathroom, in order to have large space for bathroom.

As we know when we are using the usual door, it need more space of bathroom. Whereas bathroom has already been narrow. To make the bathroom larger, we can use sliding door.


Setting simple bathroom by using appropriate wallpaper

Don’t use wallpaper with crowded motif and colorful motif. It will make the bathroom narrower.

simple bathroom appropriate wallpaper
Image : paramountsales

Choose the wallpaper with small accent and the simple motif. It is good for the natural lighting of bathroom.

Use the opened lighting set

 Although our bathroom theme are using the simple theme, we still need the best lamp. It is used when we want to use the bathroom are in the night time.

Use the opened lighting set
Image : decoist

Usually, we only need one lamp only for bathroom. But for making the simple bathroom comfort, we can use some lamp with opened design. Can be placed in the bottom (on the edge of the floor) and also in the up side (hanging up in the ceiling).

Set the bathroom tools neatly

For setting simple bathroom, we can place a shelf inside to be the place for some bathing tools, like towel, brush, and other. The shelf will be the vertical place to minimize the use of the narrow size of bathroom.

Set the bathroom tools neatly
Image : homedesignlover

We can place it on the side of the WashBasin. The wood shelf is the best chosen shelf that we can choose.

We are not needing bathtub

We are not needing bathtub
Image : decoist

That bathtub is for the larger bathroom. The function is to make us comfort when we want to take a bath in the long time. If we want to have the simple bathroom, we can change the bathtub with shower.

For setting simple bathroom, we don’t need to use all usual components of bathroom. We only choose the needed components only. The purpose is to make the best performance of the bathroom. The narrower size will have larger size as the sense result.



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