The Budding Designer’s Guide: Décor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you want to do some decorating on your bathroom, perhaps these tips and some décor ideas for small bathrooms can help you.

Decorating a room that is small

One of the optimum ways to camouflage a small bathroom is to generate interest and a striking wallpaper is perfect for this

Many people think that decorating a small room is hard to do thanks to the lack of space. If you think it that way, of course it will be hard. There are some though, who said that decorating smaller rooms are easier to do because of how ‘lacking’ the space for them to decorate on is. No matter on what side you are, there are several things that differentiate between decorating a big room and a small room.

Trick the eye with tiles, the amount of space you have and what the eye perceives aren’t necessarily the same thing

The obvious difference can be seen on the size. A small room is small, while a big room is well big. Decorating a bigger room is usually even more costly than decorating a small room, but it all falls down to the prices of each decorations you have bought. You can fit lots of other things in a bigger room, obviously.

Tips on decorating a small room

window make the space feel larger

Now that we have closed down on the difference between decorating a small and big room, let us go deeper on the topic: decorating a small room. Depending on what you want the guests to see when they enter your room, you have to decorate it according to its purpose. If you want give your guests an illusion of a big room when they entered your small room, you have to decorate it accordingly. If you want your guests to see your small room for what it is (a small room with no alteration whatsoever), you have to decorate it accordingly. It all depends on personal preference, so you better make sure in which light you want the guests to see your room in. This rule applies to all types of rooms, so if bathroom are the rooms that you want to change, you can remember this rule and it will not be wrong.

Today, though we are talking about bathrooms. I will divide the topic into two different matter. The first one is about making your small bathroom bigger and the second is about making your small bathroom feel compact and comfortable.

Making the small bathroom bigger

To make a small bathroom look bigger, one obvious and one useful thing you can do is to put up a grand mirror on the wall. When I am talking about a grand mirror, I really mean a mirror that is pretty big. The mirror must be big enough to cover a part of a wall and it needs to extend up to the ceiling. The reflection made by the mirror will certainly make your bathroom look bigger than it is. Not only it is there for a visual eye-candy, having a big mirror in your bathroom will definitely help you when you are in it.

Another way to make it bigger is to paint the bathroom in the same colour tone. If the overall colour selection is bright, do not put a black thing over there unless that black this is not that significant to the overall theme. The same colour tone will give it nice impression if you want your room to look bigger.

Making a small bathroom compact and comfortable

There are times when you do want your small bathroom look grand and you only want it to be comfortable while still being compact. To make this happen, you can actually omit all of the unnecessary stuffs and keep stuffs that you think a bathroom needs. Throw away the bathtub if you have one because bathtubs are a thing that will never make your bathroom compact. Instead of tubs, you can install a nice little shower and bathe in there.

Because the small bathrooms often make it hard for any decorators to decorate the floors, turn to the walls and the ceilings instead. As long as the stuffs you put on the walls are not that big and not that out of place, you can freely decorate the walls and the ceilings to your heart’s content. If you think that you are not that creative enough, you can search the internet for many décor ideas for small bathrooms aside from this one and you will be sure to find lots of visual guidance for them.

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