Cute Design for Children Bathroom

Not only adult that need the inside bathroom, but also for children. Although before we have the outdoor bathroom for all family member. But now we have indoor bathroom, then based on the development era and also the needed. We have inside bathroom in our bedroom. So do for the children bathroom. In order to give the comfort ability in taking a bath, the children bathroom design should be done maximally.

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

Children have their own world. They like colorful think to build good mood for doing many activities. As parents we don’t only redesign their children bedroom, but also their bathroom. So, the children will be supported to be disciplined. They like their bedroom because of the concept of the bedroom design are their favorite design. So do for their bathroom. They also need the bathroom decoration based on their favorite.

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

Of course, the different design of the adult bathroom and children bathroom are the color chosen. Minimalist bathroom for adult only use two or three color combination. While for children bathroom, there are also many colors combinations inside.

Full color is the main concept to give the best children bathroom design. Below are they:

Black bathtub and colorful shelf

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

In this children bathroom design, the use of bathtub is being the main focus. Children use bathtub also for their bathroom. It is like when they had been a baby. They had been taken a bath by suing bathtub. But not permanent bathtub, it used moved bathtub.

But now, the children’s bathtub is using permanent bathtub. The color of it is black for outside and white for inside. Then we can add colorful shelf for placing the bathing tool.

Spiderman theme


Cute Design for Children Bathroom

It’s being the one of the favorite design for children. It is because we take the design from the cartoon theme. The one of the cartoon theme is Spiderman theme like the picture above. We can see from the wall and floor that use blue color with square motif. It is like the cloth or costume of a Spiderman. Then there is the Spiderman wallpaper to support the theme.

Sea blue theme

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

These designs are appropriate for boys. There are blue walls and also blue floor for the bathroom. Then, it combine with white wasteful.

The decoration for this children bathroom design will be like toys room. We can see from the numbered of the toys inside of this bathroom. So the children can play when taking a bath. It is so cute designs.

Lining blue concept

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

The size of this bathroom is larger than the size of the example before. We can see from the size of the bathroom that is not in line wall. The bathroom and wasteful have long distance. The children are freely to run and walk inside.

The main focus of this design is the use of the wallpaper. There is the lining blue motif for the wallpaper. Then we add a plate decoration. It is round and white decoration, like a plate.

Orange blue theme

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

This children bathroom design cannot be imagined before. It’s because tb use of the lighted color for the bathroom. We use orange color. Combine it with blue. This color is packed with square motive.

There is long bathroom table for wasteful and for the shelf. That’s so simple children bathroom design that we can apply for giving the best comfort ability toward our children.

Sea theme

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

We can see the main theme of this children bathroom design by seeing the wallpaper. There is some sea picture dominated in this wallpaper. There are many kinds of fish and also others animal sea.

Cute Design for Children Bathroom

The white wall is still used to give the best point of the wallpaper. This bathroom consists of two rooms. They’re big and small room. For the big room there is the place for wasteful and shelf. Then the small room is for bathtub and toilet.

There is also the difference of this room. For small room, we use blue ceramics while for big room, we use white ceramic. The color combination is very great and make children enthusiast for taking a bath.

Cartoon theme, wallpaper theme, and also colorful theme are being the main concepts of this children bathroom design. Parent can make it as the best consideration in choosing the children bathroom design.




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