Creating Your Minimalist Kitchen as Hotel Kitchen Sense

Having comfortable kitchen will make us happy to do all activities there. We can explore our cooking hobby maximally. Every day we will have new menu and have never been bored to cook. When our kitchen has Hotel Kitchen Design, we will be more and more creative to cook.


Various designs are not only for bedroom or living room but also for kitchen. As the main room in our home, we should make sure that our kitchen has comfortable and beautiful design. Because of that, we should have new idea to have fresh kitchen design.

Here are some models of Hotel Kitchen Design that we can be taken:

All-Black Design


Black is not always dark if we use it’s the main color of our design. It can be proved from this kitchen design. We use black decoration, from the kitchen set, table, cooking tools, and other. Only the ceiling is white.


The sense of hotel kitchen style can be seen from this kitchen design. We can see from the setting of the kitchen decoration. Black will give close the dirty of the kitchen.

Most windows kitchen design


When we are cooking, we will close with fire, so that there are many smokes inside of our kitchen. We should make sure that the circulation is good, so that the fog will be get out from the kitchen and we won’t feel disturb about it.


Based on this case, there is the most windows kitchen design that we can apply for our lovely kitchen. The windows aren’t only for neutralizing the fog but also for giving the natural lighting for our kitchen. Then we use the gold’s decoration for our kitchen, it makes our kitchen looks glamour and so shiny.

Metal design


Most of Hotel Kitchen Design use metal cooking too and a of the kitchen set. It is because metal is easy to be cleaned and looks simple.


We won’t be worry when we want to cook many foods because metal has sample sense. Our kitchen will be still neat.

 Island design


We can see the concept of island by seeing the ceramic surface of the kitchen set. They are from the cooking tools shelf, table, and cooking table. Then we can combine it with black theme so there will be great kitchen design.


This Hotel Kitchen Design call the middle table as the island, so we can serve the food after cooking.

Industrial design


This kind of Hotel Kitchen Design is also appropriate for our minimalist home. We can use the dominant of the m . The size of this kitchen is long, so that we can be all out in cooking


Curved design


The interest of this Hotel Kitchen Design is about the size of the kitchen. We use curved design of the kitchen table. It is so unique and will make our kitchen fresher.


In addition, we can also use futuristic cooking tools, so that it will make our kitchen looks more modern. This kitchen is also being the best solution for minimalist kitchen. There will be large sense so that we can enjoy cooking.

Opened design


In this kitchen design, we won’t talk about the opened concept because of the availability of windows. But we will talk about the large kitchen although our kitchen is minimalist kitchen.

To get the large sense of the kitchen, we don’t use wall or something that can differentiate the kitchen and dining room. Our children can play in the kitchen while we are cooking. Silver decoration also supports the large sense of this kitchen design.

Having personal kitchen like hotel kitchen is not only dream. There are so many kinds of Hotel Kitchen Designs than we can choose and apply it for our kitchen so that we will be more comfortable in cooking.

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