Black and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Grey is cave-like and grim. It is what we may think about grey in the old days when it comes to paint our bedroom. On the other hand, color like brown and beige were considered more neutral to use. But today, grey has become another great choice to turn dull bedroom into sophisticated one. More importantly, this color is versatile as well to play with other colors.

In case you are interested to use grey as your main color palette as you are working with your bedroom decoration, combine this color with black will be an excellent choice. It is because you will have opportunity to make your room looks great in its contemporary and modern color scheme.

For you who are looking for some best ideas, here are several best ideas for black and grey bedroom that may inspire you.

Luxurious Black and Grey Bedroom

Bring some grey color shades inside your bedroom and add some black items to create a bold contrast in your bedroom. In this case, you can go for soft shade to create a warm and luxurious touch with your grey palette. Then, add black pillows on the bed and all black bedside table right beside the bed.

Traditional Bedroom with Grey Walls

If you prefer something that does not need to much attention, you can bring bed with big black headboard to your grey bedroom. Go on with soft grey color for the walls and then put a carpet with lighter grey color shade under the bed. It will create a traditional, yet cozy room to spend your night.

Trendy Bedroom with All-black Wallpaper

Who says that we cannot paint black our wall? In fact, it can be a good idea to apply all-black wallpaper which comes with striking pattern to make our bedroom looks unique, but beautiful. You can go on with soft grey for the flooring and all white for the bed sheet to create a trendy look inside your bedroom.

Contemporary Black and Grey Bedroom

Rather than bringing black items into your all-white bedroom to create a contemporary look, now you can try to bring black items into your grey bedroom. Paint your bedroom in soft grey and bring black carpet to your room will be a good idea. You can also think about painting one side of your wall in black while the other is in the light grey color.

Dreamy Bedroom with Grey Bed Linen

When it comes to grey bedroom, come out with ideas to apply beautiful bed linen in white color will be a good idea. In this case, you can bring grey quilt, grey cushions to your grey bedroom to create a homey and dreamy bedroom. For style, you can go on with black headboard which is big enough to make a focal point.

Those are a few ideas for black and grey bedroom. Either you have small space or bigger space; there is no harm to make use of these ideas to your bedroom. However, you must make sure to provide as much as natural light as possible when you apply it for small space. That’s all!

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