Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family

Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family
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For the modern era, the limitation area for being a living place is also increased. It is because many kinds of building appeared and need more area. We are easy to do many activities because nearer to go to office, shop, department store, barber shop, restaurant, and others. In fact, we are unaware that our area to build a home to be narrower and narrower. Two-Storey House design will be the best alternative home type we choose.

 Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family

Image : rfunderwearThe existence if two-storey house is being higher now. It’s not only for the glamour and bug house, but also appropriate for the minimalist home. This is fact, because the two-storey house is the effective way to make the minimalist home wider.

Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family
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As we know that the minimalist home style is also being the popular home style in this modern era. Many people choose this home style because of the limited area. They will buy it in a house complex, or build it by him. But we are still disappointed toward this home style, because of the small size.

Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family
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The minimalist home is appropriate for little family member. At least 4 people, consist of mother, father, and their children. They don’t have additional bedroom when there are other family members visited and want to take a nap. So, there should be the best design to make our minimalist home being wider and also comfort.

Building Two-Storey House design is being the one of win-win solution. This home design can be added after the main home finished or we build the real two storey house concept from the early building.

This two-storey house will give more roms space, so we have more bedroom, and large dining room, living room, and also have the playing room for our children. Usually, in the second floor, there will be some bedroom and also family room. Usually the first floor consist of kitchen, dining room, and living room, and also one bedroom. It will make our new family feel more comfortable.


Below are Two-Storey House design that will inspire us to have nice two-storey house for our new family:


Multifunction two-storey house rooms design

Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family
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This design is still adapted from the principal of building minimalist home. So it’s also the proved that actually two-storey house is the supporter of minimalist home idea.

In minimalist home, we should make sure that some rooms inside should be used maximally. Even we are using one room with more than one function, so we can do more activities in one room. For example, the living room cans embed family room, enjoying room, or working room.

Best Two-Storey House Design for Your New Family
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But for this design, we should serve carpets in the living room to be the enjoying room when there are many family members or our friends visit. It is usually happen when we are as new family that had already been having new home. We can place the carpet in the bottom of the stairs.


Spiral Stairs Model


Best Two-Storey House Design
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Because the type of our two-storey house is minimalist, so we should make the wider sense of our home. It can be done by applying the best stairs model. Spiral stairs are best one of the stair model choose.

This stairs are made from wood and transparent. So it gives the elegant sense. It is also added by the strong stairs railing that makes the stairs so soft and smooth sense like the gesture of a dancer.


Homey two-storey house design

Best Two-Storey House Design
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After we can make our two-storey house comfort, the next task is making the homey sense of our home. It can be done by combining some great color. The lighted color especially, likes white and pastel, white and blue, or others. Then we add the minimalist windows to give them enough air into the home.


Child concept


Best Two-Storey House Design
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As a new family that has new two-storey house, we should pay attention toward our children comfort zone. It is important, because we built this two-storey house is not for us, the parent, but also for our children feels comforts. Make sure that the home will be the comfort home for our children.

We can give enough ventilation system to our home, so we have the healthy live. Then we need to use wood decoration in order to give the safety for our children when they are playing inside of home.


Privat bedroom of Two-Storey House design

Best Two-Storey House Design
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This is the important Two-Storey House design. We should create private bedroom. It is important for our new family. We need some best bedroom to be our main bedroom or the guess bedroom. It can be done by placing bookshelf near the bedroom access.

 Having the two-storey house is not the glamour needed now. It is because to have wider minimalist home with the limited area, so there are many people who need Two-Storey House design.


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