The Best Trick to Set Your Lovely Children Bedroom

Children have their bedroom. They do not sleep in their parents’ bedroom forever. After they are in the five years old, minimally, they will sleep alone in their bedroom. So they the parents should design the nice children bedroom to make them comfort in sleeping.

The size of the children bedroom is narrower than the parent’s room. But we can also build the similar size with the parents’ bedroom, so that the children room will be used forever until they are adult. We only need to change the design based on the age. When they are in teen age, the design will be changed. So do when they are in adult age.

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The design of the children bedroom should be cute. The common design uses the cartoon design with colorful paint. Usually blue color dominantly settled in for the son’s room and the pink theme is for the daughter’s room. It is the usual theme that usually chosen by some parents but we can also use the other color. Whenever the children are in the teen age, they will share they want about their own room design.

In instance, when we want to design the children room, we should always think about a cute theme. So the result will make the children room nicer.

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Some tricks to design the nice children bedroom

Belows are some tricks to create the nice children bedroom: 

  • Make sure the children design is full of safety. It is important, because it will make the children comfort and we, as the parents, will also be comfort to leave the children in a different room. Make sure the use if the bed are in safety standard, use the thick carpets, and locked windows.
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  • Use the best lighting set. It is important to control the children. We can let turn it on all night so whenever we want to check the children, it will be easier. Buy make sure that we place the stop contact in the high position. Don’t place it in the short position. It will be dangerous.
Image : ikea
  • To have the nice children bedroom, we should choose the best decoration. We don’t need more decorations. For children room, we need one or two toys that can be hung on the wall, shoes shelf, and one table for placing some snack or glass of water.
Image : kazerama
  • Set the best ventilation for the children room it is best for their growth. Use minimal one window. So in the morning, we can open the windows to let the air enter into the room.
  • Children bedroom will always identical with the colorful theme. Then, for making the nice children bedroom, we should pay attention about the color choice of the wall paint. Make sure that the paint is in the neat paints and also the qualified paint with the nest composition. Don’t choose the smell paint, it will make the air pollution and make the health error for the children.
Image : avanesova
  • Use the safety material for the children luggage. The plastic is the best material to be used as the decoration in the children room, such as the plastic cupboard, plastic table, plastic table, and many more. It is safer than we use wood material or iron material, because the children are always active and always want to know about everything.
  • Make the nice children bedroom to make children happy. Let children choose the design of their room. It can be let them to choose the wallpaper, bed cover set, and the toys.
Image : dombeza
  • Make sure that the entire children luggage is in the different place. Don’t mix with the other luggage. It is important, because children like to play actively. Besides, the neat saving will make student learn about discipline. Discipline to replace their luggage in the right place.
  • Ask children when we want to reset or re-design their bedroom.
Image : bartarinha

Make sure that our lovely children are in comfort zone in their room. Use the best design for their room and make sure that they will do their activity well and free. We conclude that the nice children bedroom will be gotten from the best set, safety decorations, and also the bat material of the room luggage.



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