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Beautify Your Balcony with Some Pretty Decoration Idea Below


In the evening, the best activity we can do is enjoying sunset with sitting on the balcony. Making us happy because free from the business activity all day. To support our nice activities, we should do the best balcony decoration.

Balcony is the high terrace of a home. Of course balcony will only be available to the two stairs home. Usually the balcony will be available in the front of a bedroom. So we can enjoy time in the balcony after waking up or when we want to do something in the bedroom but want to have the unique sense.

At first the idea to build a balcony is from the use of terrace. But terrace is as the face of a home. It will only one in front of home or added one terrace gain in the side if home. But balcony can be numbered. It might be in every second floor bedroom has balcony. It means that we can decorate the balcony freely.

Because balcony position is higher than the usual terrace, so we need to give strong decoration so that the people surrounding can be interesting.

There are many ideas that we can use to beautify our balcony, so that the best home design will be supported by the best balcony decoration. They are :


Green Theme Balcone

Green Theme Balcone
Image : pinterest

Green theme is being the one of the balcony decoration idea it is smart idea that will give best influence for us. We can see the entire surrounding balcony in fresh and happy feeling.

By giving the green sense, we can place some plants and also flowers in side of the balcony. We don’t need more plants but we only need enough plants, so that the balcony won’t be narrower. Besides, to make the green sense better, we can add the grass carpet as the floor or the balcony. It will give sense that we are sitting on the outdoor.


Beach Theme Balcony

Beach Theme Balcony
Image : interiorholic

This is the unique balcony style. It is good for increasing our mood when sitting or doing some activities in the balcony. Like the beach theme for this balcony, we can add some beach property inside of the balcony to give the thick sense of the beach, like doodles chair, hanging chair, painting the bacon wall with sea blue color.


Boho theme Balcon

Boho theme Balcon
Image : ikea

It is the one of the best balcony decoration that we can choose. It is simple, because dominated with white color. It is like classic theme. The properties that we can add in this balcony are fur white carpet, long white side, and some wood chair. This theme is appropriate for the balcony without ceiling. The white color domination will be more lighted.


Hippie Theme Balcon

Hippie Theme Balcon
Image : pinterest & alice

Colorful is the main theme of this best balcony decoration. The use of vinyl floor is being the best choice for supporting the crowded and fun sense of the theme. But if we don’t want to change the floor, we can change it by using colorful carpets.

In this Hippie Theme, we are free to use the wall decoration we like. Choose the colorful decoration also, like some pictures, flowers, or others. This theme is also appropriate for the uncoiling balcony.


Village Theme Balcony

Village Theme Balcony
Image : atrium-balcony

This part is the best balcony decoration theme that we can choose. It is dominated by flower to show the village view. Besides, we also need to use the special paint to make the village view detail. We can use white paint and also grey paint. While for giving the village view balcony on the might, we can add the small lamp.

There are many kinds of best balcony decorations today. Every second, based on the developing era, the new balcony theme will be always appeared. We should mix and match with the theme of our home as whole.


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