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Match Your Bathroom Ceramic to Your Character


The model of the modern bathroom and the traditional bathroom are different. Those differences are from the ceramic choice, shower model, bathtub model, decorations, and others. So, from the little aspect of the bathroom design, like the Bathroom Ceramic Model choice.

As we know that the modern bathroom is located inside of the home. Even every bedroom has bathroom. So the design of the bathroom should be focused to be given an attention. We can decorate and design it well so that the performance of the bathroom is better and give the more comfortable to be used.

Usually, the decoration of the bathroom models us to the whole design of the bathroom. But in in this case, we will talk about Bathroom Ceramic Model. The ceramic used in the bathroom gives influence and being the interpretation toward our characters. It will be related to the choice of the ceramic color.

There are some Bathroom Ceramic Models below that interprets our characteristics:

Red bathroom ceramic for confident people

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : sheffieldbathrooms

As we have already known that red color is the symbol of brave. It is the pointed color, so there are many people like this color. Women prefer this color, because by using this color, they will be the center of attention everywhere they are. So do for using the red bathroom ceramic. We will feel happy, always keep spirit, and also have big optimist when entering into this bathroom.

For using this red bathroom ceramic we can combine some kinds of the ceramic. Like the young red bathroom ceramic for the bathroom wall and old red bathroom ceramic for the floor. The bathroom will be so fresh in every day.


Black Bathroom Ceramic Model for elegant people

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : digsdigs

This is the kind of modern Bathroom Ceramic Model. The black color of this bathroom won’t give the dark sense. It will give the gentleman sense of bathroom. The man prefers this black bathroom ceramic, because it is neutral and elegant. The other color that we can sue for the combination is with white color.


Honesty People with green Bathroom Ceramic Model

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : homedit


Green means fresh, because it is identic with nature. The people who likes the green theme of the bathroom is the honest people, creative, and also humble. Besides, the owner of this bathroom is the kind people toward their surroundings.

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : withanamelikesierra

Yellow Bathroom Ceramic Model for Adventurer People

 Yellow is the strange color, because it is too colorful. Not many people choose this color. Whereas this color is the best color that can be chosen by the happy people and also humble people.

Yellow is the lighted color so it is interesting color. Without adding lamp, this color is still better. The color combination that we can use for make this yellow color better is white color.


Chocolate Bathroom Ceramic Model for patience people

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : inmagz

This Bathroom Ceramic Model can be called as the glamour model, because the young chocolate will give the best sense of lighted bathroom. This bathroom ceramic color gives the comfortable to the owner.

Besides, this bathroom model is also being the choice for responsible owner. The materials chosen to give chocolate sense are from wood or vinyl.

Misterious and creative people with Violet Bathroom Ceramic Model

Women are very like this color. It is because the color spread the creative people for the owner of bathroom. Besides, the violet ceramic is also representing the mysterious people but they are still funny.

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : abang

Blue Bathroom Cetamic Model for Calm Peoole

Bathroom Ceramic
Image : graciepi

The blue spread the beautiful color. It is identic with the sea color. Every people, like man and woman like this color. It is neutral color with lighted sense. This blue bathroom ceramic is chosen by the calm people. We can add the wallpaper to beautify the bathroom.

All color of the ceramics is appropriate to be used. It spreads the different sense, so it can influence the characteristic of the owner. There are many bathroom ceramic models that we can choose. We can also apply it with any kinds of color and wallpaper combinations.



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