Appropriate Paints of Minimalist Living Room

Living room is the front’s room of a home. When we enter home, living room will welcome us. So, the function of this room is to welcome the guest. To make the comfortable and stylish living room, we should apply the best minimalist living room paint.

Paint consists of more color. It is important to be applied to beautify a home. So that the painting process can be called as the important finishing process of designing home.

The usual design of home can’t leave the painting process, whereas the special interior and exterior home design needed. It is also need painting process. From long time ago, the painting process is being the due. People who have their own home will always beautify their home with colorful paint toward their home wall. It is inside wall and also outside wall.

At that time, they were still using the single color of paint. White is the dominant and general paint they used. But no, as the result of developing era, we use not only white color, but also many color, but still young color, like light blue, light yellow, young red, brown, grey, and many more.

The main purpose of painting the home is to make every room in our home neat, comfortable, stylish, and also larger. It has already been proved. Whereas in this modern era, the minimalist home is not big as the usual home we know before. The painting role should be done as good as possible in order to get the want effect. Make sure that we choose the appropriate paint to make every room’s larger.

Color used for minimalist living room paint

Modern people use the varied color to be the paint or their home. They do not always use white paint. When they use the white paint, they will combine it with the other color, with the similar sense, so we choose the combination color with the ripped consideration.

Here some example of paint color for making our living room more beautiful :

  • Navy blue. It is the brave colors because far from the neutral sense. But it is great painting color choice when we combine it with placing the neutral furniture color for combining it with the other paint color, like white or yellow.

  • Lighted red. Red is the symbol of happiness and luckiness. It is the most popular color for everything, such as the favorite color of wall paint. It can be applied for interior and exterior wall.

The sense that will be gotten from this color is to make the roof more higher, brave room, lighted room in the day, minimize lamp, and also make the living room more modern. To make it to be maximal use, the dominant white furniture is the right choice.

  • Cream. It is also the recommended paint for making our living room larger. Cream is the soft color. It has the vintage and classic sense. In addition, we also use the wood furniture; the classic sense will be higher.

  • Grey is being the most popular minimalist living room paint. We can see from the grey paint of the minimalist block of town home. They use grey color to be the interior or exterior wall paint. Modern classic is the main sense that will be gotten from this color.



  • Lemonade green painting color is also the beat color for making our living room fresh as the first sight, the guest will get the fresh mood to enter into our home.


  • Grape red can be chosen. It is maybe still strange for us toward this color. But actually if we combine it with grey, the living room will be larger.

  • Yellow. Maybe some people are still doubt to use smooth color. But actually it is the best color like white to make our room larger. The yellow means fresh color, so make the people comfort sitting in living room.

Beside of those color, there are many color recommended to be applied in our living room so that our living room larger. It is according to our creativity and also our painting technique to combine some colors and also to make the color paint more comfortable. Use the professional service of home design if it is needed to get the best Choice of minimalist living room paint.

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